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There’s a ton of great outlets, organizations, and individuals covering the music scene in Richmond. So many that it might be hard to keep up to date on all of them. We’ll try and collect some great articles, coverage, and news bits we’ve read each week here at The Auricular.

Have you joined Ignited yet? If not, then you should. Per the Founder’s own words, “Ignited is an online, membership-based community serving the Central Virginia music industry.” Think of it as a social media platform geared towards local musicians and music lovers… so pretty much anyone reading this article. It is an invaluable resource and also so much more than another app with notifications to clutter up your phone. You might have seen the brains behind the operation, Maggie Graff, at HearRVA’s function some weeks back, and Graff is actually putting together another event very soon. On Saturday, September 24th, there will be an Ignited member meet-up at Richmond Music Hall from 6 to 7 pm before the Will Overman concert that night. Show up, talk to some like-minded people, make some contacts, share some war stories — you know how it goes. The link that follows this paragraph is to the event itself, but if you haven’t joined Ignited at all, make sure to become a member by going to Ignited’s webpage. (Ignited link here.)

There is a Richmond Remix Competition starting this weekend. Like a legit competiton with cash prizes and performances by the winners! I’ll steal their blurb as well to describe the event — “RVA Remix Competition is an in-person remix competition for music creators that’s located in Richmond, Virginia. The goal of the competition is to give music creators a space to showcase their creative work, network with other music creators, and compete with one another for prizes.” That sounds awesome. Like ridiculously awesome. If you are a producer or music creator in town, you should definitely be looking into this. (RVA Remix link here.)

For those who like to listen to music through playlists, local musician David Young has a great mix up on Spotify featuring punk and indie rock from Richmond. It’s constantly growing so add it to your list and check in on it every once in a while. Trust me when I say there are true bangers on this list. (Spotify link here.)

The full schedule for the upcoming Richmond Folk Festival has been posted so you’ve got a few weeks to write up your own personal guide and start making the hard calls on what to see. Legit question — how do you decide between Kenneka Cook and Sideline on Sunday? (Festival link here.)

Is it still fashionable to complain about Pitchfork scores? Well, 6.4 is way too low for this new Butcher Brown record. But we’ll give it a pass since any national coverage of local heavyweights is welcome to our eyes and ears. (Review link here.)

Lots of articles on the launch of Shockoe Records lately, but we’re partial to this one by the incredible Davy Jones over at Style Weekly. (Article link here.)

Style Weekly also had this really cool piece about hardcore band Candy, who has ties to the Richmond scene. Fantastic work by Jeff Terich. (Article link here.)

We’ve covered the last two great singles from Piranha Rama here, but Andrew Bonieskie over at RVA Magazine profiled the fun supergroup and it’s an article you should definitely check out. September 30th can’t come soon enough, Rama-heads. (Article link here.)

Did you catch Wilson Springs Hotel on Shockoe Sessions? No? Well, what are you waiting for? This coming Tuesday has Mane so make sure to bookmark that too. (YouTube link here.)

Episode 60 of River City Sounds came out last Friday with hardcore punk band Wasted Space. New episodes come out right as we’re posting this article so if you want to stay completely up-to-date on them, make sure to subscribe wherever you can. (Spotify link here.)

Be sure to make some time for live music this weekend! Our pals over at RestlessRVA have your “tasting” menus for the weekend so just head over to their Instagram, see what’s shaking the next few days, and go see some live music. (Instagram link here.) Or if Friday, Saturday, Sunday isn’t your weekend, Marilyn Drew Necci from RVA Magazine always has your back with a detailed column on upcoming concerts throughout the week. Spoiler alert: there’s a surprising classic rock act on her list that gets a shout-out. True clickbait fashion — you’ll NEVER guess who it is! (Article link here.)

Speaking of live shows, this is not a local concert so it’s out of character here, but this is just an informal article/column so why the hell not? I highly, highly suggest everyone go see Jimmy Eat World and Charly Bliss at The National this coming Tuesday. This is an incredible line-up by two of the best live bands I have ever seen. If you like just one song from each band, I guarantee you that this show will probably blow you away. I’ll be out of town sadly and while it infuriates me knowing I can’t go, it will make me feel a little better if I can convince a bunch of people to go. In the meantime though, I’ve been blasting Guppy and Futures the last two weeks while screaming inside. I promise I am fine. Change that. I promise I will be fine. (The National’s event link.)

As far as recorded music goes, we finally got a roundup done over here, covering the first 10 days of September in singles and albums from local musicians. (Article link here.) We missed a few, but that’s okay — they’ll be on the next list coming out hopefully Tuesday morning. Don’t hold me too that day though. We’re terrible with deadlines here. Not like the folks at HearRVA who curate a good sample of new local music every Friday. Don’t miss their list from today! (Instagram link here.)

I think that about does it for this week. Maybe I should do something else at the end for these columns? Share a cool local song to wrap-up? Okay, I can do that. Here’s a song from 2009 by a band that defined “hard-working” in the Richmond scene years ago: The Jim Ivins Band! The band has since evolved into its current iteriation The Ivins, who released a great record from last year called Conditions which you should check out. (Album link here.) Front man Jim Ivins is as hard-working as ever though — he even put out a single under his own name earlier this year called “Me And My Bones.” (Song link here.) But the song I’ve got for you is one I fell in love with when I first heard it back in 2009. Props to Andrew Cothern for reminding me about it recently (check out his newsletter by the way — link here). Take a listen. I’ll catch you next week.


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