Catch A Laugh From Twin Drugs On New Video for “Eyelets & Aglets”

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Richmond shoegaze royalty Twin Drugs is back again with another single off their upcoming record and no matter what the video may say, the song is no laughing matter. “Eyelets & Aglets” is a palatial noise romp that raises anticipation even higher for the duo’s sophomore record, In Now Less Than Ever, out October 7th on Crazysane Records.

The song, recently premiered by Echoes And Dust, is one that grounds the band’s shoegaze sound in more realistic surrealism than the noise pop genre typically explores. Instead of floating into the ether with the hazy vocals and wispy atmospherics, the sprawling track feels rooted in intimate observations thanks to a pulsating rhythm section. Each cymbal snap reminds us that we’re not dreaming — any odd realization or disquieting estimation is really happening, whether we like it or not.

The video, shot by Eternal Family and edited by Blake Melton, seems to capture this feeling, albeit in a more distressing manner, with the subject finding humor in everything, welcome or not. It feels like an affliction throughout, like humanity can feel like at times especially over the last several years since Twin Drugs’ first record, Hi Pressure which we covered back in 2019. In the premiere for the video, Twin Drugs told Echoes And Dust that “Eyelets [was] one of the last songs written for the album, as one of our more groovy songs it stays to the point: loud, brash, and big.” Brash indeed, the latest single from Twin Drugs is an impressive interpretation of the reverb drenched genre.

“Eyelets & Aglets” is the third single from Twins Drugs’ upcoming record, after the churning song “Dust Worship” in July and the skyscraping track “World Fell Off” in August, each of which also had their own accompanying music videos.

You can watch the video for “Eyelets & Aglets” below and make sure to grab In Now Less Than Ever when it comes out October 7th. Pre-orders are available now at Twin Drugs’ Bandcamp page.


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