Spiral Fracture Slug It Out In New Video For “Abomination”

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Prog-metal band Spiral Fracture are storming back after the release of their third self-titled album last October, this time with a music video of one of the album’s highlight tracks, “Abomination.”

The video, directed by Brendan McGlathery, showcases the band in their pummeling, virtuosic glory while also portraying the inner duality of the lyrics. Between a rotating live view of the band’s performance, we see singer Javier Ramos wrestle with haunting visions before tackling them head-on in the climax.

The song comes right in the middle of the band’s 2021 self-titled record, their third overall after 2013’s The Site Of Suffering and 2017’s Dismantled, and features the band’s signature musical twists and turns fans have come to expect over the years from guitarist Dave Givens, bassist Brian Tanner, and drummer Brian Fisher. Tight, melodic, and caustic, it’s a great package for Javier Ramos to roar on top of with his uniquely soaring vocals.

You can watch the video for “Abomination” and make sure to check out Spiral Fracture on Facebook () and Instagram to keep up to date on new shows and hopefully new music being released.


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