Song Review: tell me how u feel by Rine

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After her sensational debut single this past May, rine is back with a new single that zeroes in on the hesitancy behind emotional intimacy that often plagues relationships. In “tell me how u feel,” the singer-songwriter lithely delves into the complexities of communication and vulnerability, unraveling the uncertainties and barriers that can prevent two hearts from fully connecting. The promise of love and connection is there, but the fear of abandonment and rejection looms too large, creating a relatable narrative that captures the raw entanglement of human emotion which her music so deftly explores.


The song opens with a captivating blend of melodic guitar strums and rine’s airy and soulful vocals, immediately drawing the audience into its emotional landscape that aims to distill emotional honesty and clarity from an unwilling partner. “Love is fun and exciting, warm and inviting, if you stop denying what’s there,” she sings after addressing all the common fears that lead to such trepidation. rine is joined on the song by her brother, vocalist Kyle Nguyen, who brings his own tender tone to the story which helps to portray a dual perspective on guarded sentiments.

The music here is bright and welcoming, helping to coax out the underlying emotions of the lyrics. It contrasts the scarce grace of “i wish u could love me too,” which also touched upon complicated romantic anguish while still featuring rine’s melodic acumen. Though different in sound and feel, “tell me how u feel” is tethered in influence to rine’s debut single as both draw inspiration from illustrator Ingrid Ochoa’s webcomic The Kiss Bet. A popular fixture on Webtoon, the comic follows youthful protagonist Sara Lin through romantic entanglements, such as with Oliver Yang which rine drew direct insight from when composing this song.

In all, “tell me how u feel” is an evocative song that reminds of us the universal struggles and hurdles we face in relationships, where the desire for emotional intimacy clashes with the innate sentiment of preservation. The subject matter may feel familiar, but rine is musically daring every step of the way matching the narrative’s exposed heart with moving vocals and comforting words that provide emphatic care and understanding. Thanks to that careful touch and graceful talent, “tell me how u feel” leaves a lasting impact that serves as another triumph in rine’s blossoming musical journey.

“tell me how u feel” is available now to listen on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.


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