Bo Thouznd Displays Rattling Skill On “Real N****z Don’t Rap”

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Here’s a challenge for you today. Put on the latest single “Real N****z Don’t Rap” from Bo Thouznd and try to keep your head from bouncing in and out of the shaking beat and rhymes. Crisp, brisk, and peppery, the track is a great showcase for the local MC and one that was also featured in video producer HundoMadeIt’s Booth The Street series this past February.

Shot between a routine backyard and driveway, Bo Thouznd excels in the video with the hanging mic giving viewers a sense of direction within his swirling talent. As the bass and drums rattle around, the Hopewell native glides through the chirpy track and infuses the beat with all the bite and punch you want out of a great hip-hop song. Poised and assured, it’s definitely a great taste of what’s to come from Bo Thouznd, hopefully sooner than later we might add.

Watch the video for “Real N****z Don’t Rap” below and make sure to follow Bo Thouznd on Instagram for more news and updates. While you’re at, make sure to follow Booth The Streets on YouTube and Instagram!


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