Debrider Releases Pastiche Video For “Sparkling Eyes”

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Back in 2017, local dream-pop group Debrider released Widowed, an EP that strongly shimmers through each of its four songs. While the band has recently released a follow-up EP that’s equally as impressive — Gift Horse, available everywhere — the band today decided to re-visit that 2017 EP by releasing a video for its stand-out track, the resplendent “Sparkling Eyes.”

Utilizing scenes from B movies intercut with footage of guitarist and vocalist Lia Pisa-Relli, the video, made by Ray Bambara, is a visual medley of shots that are presented through kaleidoscopic lens and filters that offer an obscured, yet intimate look at Pisa-Relli alongside more jarring and prophetic visuals

The song itself is one of the best of Debrider’s catalog, offering music that swings between perilous words and dazzling tones to create something truly spectacular. With its urgent resonance and lofty soundscape, the song has always had a cinematic feel to it, something now solidified by its graphic accompanying video.

Make sure to keep an eye on Debrider’s social media for news on upcoming shows, but in the meantime, re-visit a great song from Debrider’s past with the video for “Sparkling Eyes” below.


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