Richmond Music Roundup: January 20 – January 26

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Bul by Young Parker (Link)
Released January 24th

Wavy hip-hop that glissades on the back of plush sampling, savvy talent, and penetrating themes.

Key Track: “Make It Hot”







Chai EP by Ty Sorrell (Link)
Released January 22nd

Exceptionally strong hip-hop record featuring a decisive flow wrestling with opulent sampling for the spotlight.

Key Track: “Luxury Spices”







Cool Kids Never Sleep by Killakam (Link)
Released January 26th

Scampering hip-hop that dashes with layered skill and flickers with undeniable charisma.

Key Track: “Diamonds & Dust”







Demos (2013-2017) by Kyle Keller (Link)
Released January 25th

Five-year collection of disparate demos ranging from bedroom ditties to electronic experiments.

Key Track: “Far Away”







Easy Listening Vol1 by B-Maestro (Link)
Released January 23rd

Brusque but relaxing beat tape built on smooth tones and gentle sampling.

Key Track: “Say You Love Me”







Emergency Raps, Vol. 4 by Tuamie X Fly Anakin (Link)
Released January 25th

Required listening for music fans thanks to its trembling hip-hop ingenuity and cunning production.

Key Track: “Ashes To Ashes”







Fort Gilbert Demo by The Gilberts (Link)
Released January 13th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Refined post-punk that marches strongly along despite the twee tones and jaunts used throughout.

Key Track: “Hooked On”







Godless Goddess by Spartan Jet-Plex (Link)
Released January 25th

Intimate and vulnerable folktronica that’s poignant, luminous, and truly astonishing. (Read our full review here.)

Key Track: “Stop”







Grace by Namebrand (Link)
Released January 26th

Devout hip-hop beat tape overflowing with swirling tones and atmospheric charm that help zero in on the unifying theme.

Key Track: “All I Need”







Hanover Wayside by Hanover Wayside (Link)
Released January 22nd

Robust rock with a southern charm and alternative slant that’s generous in its vibrant tones and affecting words.

Key Track: “Settle Down”







Inner Ruin by Seasons (Link)
Released January 22nd

Limber and husky metalcore that’s vivid in its punk leanings and rapid fire in its metal brawling.

Key Track: “Inner Ruin”







InterDimensional Extraterrestrial by CiGGsteenOz℞ (Link)
Released January 25th

A celestial theme ties the atmospheric and lofty hip-hop songs together on this rich and bright record.

Key Track: “Thunderstorm9”







Lil’ Greg The Bastard’s Cunningham by KneelToTheDrop (Link)
Released January 23rd

Wired vocals and a jumpy flow highlight this irregular yet strongly confident hip-hop record.

Key Track: “Boom”







Lonely City (Chaperone Edits) by Chaperone (Link)
Released January 21st

Ambient and abstract soundscape threefold experiment that’s both extensive and intensive.

Key Track: “Edit 3”







Luster by Sleep Paralysis Social Club (Link)
Released January 25th

Capricious electronic tones and melodies that dart between dream pop ambition and industrial disdain to create something truly unique.

Key Track: “Debt Tracks”







New Beginnings by VonnBoyd (Link)
Released January 22nd

Deeply stirring electronica armed with determined vision and voluminous talent.

Key Track: “City Lights”







O Death! by The Do-Nothings (Link)
Released January 25th

Tenuous garage rock that’s fuzzed out with surfy rhythms, psychedelica undertones, and charming warmth.

Key Track: “Walking Down The Road”







Out Of Phase by Thieves Of Shiloh (Link)
Released January 24th

Four-piece noise composition that glitches, contorts, and distorts its way from disarray to clarity.

Key Track: “Cruel Lands”







P.N.C 2 by 804rel (Link)
Released January 24th

22 track record from a rabid yet intimate hip-hop musician capable of some truly enlightening thoughts and melodies.

Key Track: “Dedicated”







Popcorn Beats by B-Maestro (Link)
Released January 12th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Grainy beat tape housing hard-hitting trap beats as well as a reverence to pioneering soulful sampling.

Key Track: “Viola”







Solo Works Vol. 1: Excerpts From A Demonstration Of Independence by Jono Stewart’s Big Mistake (Link)
Released January 21st

Avant-garde and atmospheric rock music that exquisitely straddles the line between improvisation and arrangement.

Key Track: “River Rock”







Tears Of A Hood Kid by mixedGOD (Link)
Released January 20th

Candid words make sense of grave tragedies and harsh realities on this knotty rap record.

Key Track: “Black Tragedy”







Transmission 001 by Analog Suspects (Link)
Released January 25th

Adventurous and enterprising hip-hop that’s astonishing in its musical dexterity as well as its lyrical conviction.

Key Track: “Plug Me In”







Uhh My Fellow African Americans (Govt Shutdown Music) by GAWD (Link)
Released January 19th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Manipulated vocals sprawl through this short, but surprising record built on the back of crafty sampling.

Key Track: “Tie Yo Shoes”







Vol. 2 by KROWNTZ (Link)
Released January 25th

Electronic instrumentals full of ambient spirit tempered by an elusive hip-hop dogma.

Key Track: “Nous”







0245 by Abide Serene (Link)
Released January 21st

Euphoric tones gorgeously constructed to achieve pristine serenity.

Key Track: “0245 Part 3”







0246 by Abide Serene (Link)
Released January 26th

Expansive ambient composition driven by its urgent tone and blissful spirit.

Key Track: “0246”









“Act So Hard” by JAM (Link)
Released January 24th

A breezy guitar track opens up the cushy feel of this coasting rap single.







“Amateur” by Escort Service (Link)
Released January 21st

Segmented noise glitching that distresses and fortifies through its chaos.







“Apathy” by Lil Ruiii (Link)
Released January 23rd

A jagged hip-hop track gnarled by a sharp beat and piercing rhymes.







“Atychiphobia” by Ben-Oni (Link)
Released January 24th

A billowing hip-hop mantra funneled through a rich yet hollow beat.







“Banned Legacy” by Radio B (Link)
Released January 20th

Towering hip-hop power from one of Richmond’s premier artists relayed through gruff rhymes and a thumping beat.







“Body Cold” by Ill Ray (Link)
Released January 24th

Rhythmic power bounces between the beat and flow on this propulsive track.







“Buddahs Sister” by Barker Ave (Link)
Released January 22nd

Resonant tones and a relaxed rhythm open this pensive instrumental.







“Coachella Remix” by Tejus (Link)
Released January 22nd

A relaxed and springy remix of Dillon Francis & G-Eazy’s 2017 single, “Say Less.”







“Come And Get Me” by Barker Ave (Link)
Released January 22nd

Perilous tones and emphatic rhythms swirl around this climactic instrumental.







“Crunch Time” by Bzo (Link)
Released January 21st

A hectic and staggering flow overtop the melody from Bonnie Tyler’s crowning achievement.







“Day One” by Barker Ave (Link)
Released January 22nd

Fizzy sampling aerates in the background of this bustling hip-hop instrumental.







“Deep In The Water” by Dirty Money Kee (Link)
Released January 20th

A grimey MC ingeniously expanding the thin space allocated by the booming and imposing bass.







“Demon Slayer (feat. Young Bull B & Bofpunkdon)” by Jojo Chamberlain (Link)
Released January 24th

Soulful intoning between hip-hop and R&B that’s as beguiling as it is magnanimous.







“Dreams (Part 1)” by Barker Ave (Link)
Released January 22nd

A collection of intriguing sounds, from twinkly chimes to echoey synths, make this instrumental quite lavish.







“Drop Top” by Artonthewall (Link)
Released January 25th

A jazzy sample gives this grave rap track a breezy luster.







“Elevate” by Classic (Link)
Released January 25th

Palpating rap that swings loudly between its frenzied flow and punchy beat.







“F O R E V E R” by Lil Daddy X Pelo (Link)
Released January 23rd

Glossy R&B crooning through an ethereal instrumental that’s firmly rounded and palpable.







“File3” by JamesbondKevon (Link)
Released January 24th

Covert rapping that’s curiously shrouded by the deeply soulful sampling.







“File4 Interlude” by JamesbondKevon (Link)
Released January 24th

Lively rap track with brisk chamber sampling and some clever phrasing.







“FIU” by Barker Ave (Link)
Released January 22nd

A clandestine melody tiptoes around the alarming tones in this guileful track.







“Friend (feat. Reec 4x)” by SlimRiq (Link)
Released January 22nd

Confrontational words ambush this rap track built on an anterior and pulsing piano melody.







“GEENUS804” by GAWD (Link)
Released January 26th

A hip-hop mélange made up of disparate beats and disoriented rhymes that still hits hard.







“Glens” by Kam Hill (Link)
Released January 20th

Inviting hip-hop that springs through a warm synthpop instrumental with its smooth charm.







“Goat” by DoubleM (Link)
Released January 20th

Bold hip-hop declarations over a surprisingly rich instrumental following an interesting progression.







“Jaded (feat. ninetyseven)” by Vertigon (Link)
Released January 25th

An anchored flow cuts hard across the throbbing beat on this forceful and extrusive rap single.







“Just Woke Up” by GAWD (Link)
Released January 25th

Low, blown out tones surround this dark and compulsive rap track.







“Lituation” by Zaytoten (Link)
Released January 22nd

A deep, rubbery bass provides the bedrock for this sprightly, yet hulking rap track.







“Lookout (Part 2)” by Barker Ave (Link)
Released January 22nd

Gaping background tones stretch the space in this hovering instrumental.







“Mixed Personalities” by rva.dom (Link)
Released January 23rd

Rousing hip-hop instrumental that’s defined by its deafening bass and glancing melody.







“Mixtape Trap Type Beat – Intro” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 21st

An electronic backdrop and looped chanting give this hip-hop instrumental a slight video game charm.







“Murda Murda Murda” by Ill Ray (Link)
Released January 22nd

Piercing rhymes and beats swerve in the space left between this deep, rubbery bass.







“No Cappin” by rva.dom (Link)
Released January 22nd

A doorbell provides the surprising yet intriguing melody on this booming instrumental.







“No Eliminations” by TH3 (Link)
Released January 20th

Spiral guitar grooves give this nervy MC the perfect path to careen down.







“Oilville” by Meat Plant (Link)
Released January 21st

Industrial rhythms and electronic melodies pulsate strongly in this deeply compelling instrumental.







“On God” by Barker Ave (Link)
Released January 22nd

Bright tones and a peering melody counter-balances the harshly deep rhythms on this rap instrumental.







“One & Only” by TayF3rd x Leak (Link)
Released January 25th

Glossy hip-hop delivering harmonic rhymes and irresistible beats into a tight, polished rap bundle.







“PE$O” by Keezobeatx (Link)
Released January 23rd

A clanging beat menaces over the clubby flow on this sliding rap track.







“Prayer Mama” by Savo & Jojo Chamberlain (Link)
Released January 21st

A savvy and striking rap track bouncing around a snapping beat that follows a tender piano melody.







“Pussy Boy” by Artonthewall (Link)
Released January 25th

Denunciatory words and an imperative tone incite this turgid hip-hop beat.







“Rackets” by Barker Ave (Link)
Released January 22nd

Clamoring beats and errant samples distress and amplify this teeming instrumental.







“Rollin Fluff” by Soopadoopa76 (Link)
Released January 24th

Cut and looped vocals give depth to this snappy and voluble hip-hop instrumental.







“Simple Trap Piano Beat – King Shit” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 25th

Tense and imposing sounds swirl around a piano melody distantly related to the Halloween theme song.







“Slide Out” by C-Nyce (Link)
Released January 25th

Words and rhymes impact in their lengthy echo on this elastic single.







“So Tell Me” by Barker Ave (Link)
Released January 22nd

Hammering beats stand-out on this speckled instrumental that carries a slight chiptune edge.







“Street Lights” by Barker Ave (Link)
Released January 22nd

Orchestral tones and operatic sampling open up this ruminative hip-hop instrumental.







“Sunday Afternoon” by Barker Ave (Link)
Released January 22nd

Simmering tones and a reclined beat make this soulful instrumental effortlessly soothing.







“Throwaway” by Soundsbysoy (Link)
Released January 23rd

Ignore the title, there’s nothing about this lavish and august instrumental that’s wasteful.







“Trap Anthem Type Beat – Trappers Bowl” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 26th

Symphonic hip-hop instrumental that rhythmically stomps with chiming tones and fraught spirit.







“Trap Freestyle Beat Instrumental – On To Da Next” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 21st

A clacking and clanking trap instrumental peppered with circular hollers and stop-start rhythms.







“Trap Type Beat Instrumental – Dirty Bandz” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 24th

Syncopated madrigals and husky beats make for an instrumental swaying between encouraging and incendiary.







“Try Who (feat. Slick Coup X Caddy-Lo)” by 804-E (Link)
Released January 23rd

Rattling beats bubble underneath a rabid flow on this jawing track.







“Wake Up” by Westend Youngin (Link)
Released January 21st

A direct rap grind hustling through a chugging beat and bright melody.







“Wannabe” by Ben Ferrell (Link)
Released January 18th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Mellow and inviting soul single that breezes by on jazzy tones and vibrant skill.







“Water Your Plants (GTFU)” by Alfred. (Link)
Released January 23rd

Bubbly synth tones and curious samples bolster the eager rhymes on this compelling single.







“Work (feat. UPTAJ)” by Uk_Mac (Link)
Released January 24th

Ricocheting background vocals swirl around the adamant flow and compulsive beat.







“Young” by Bzo (Link)
Released January 20th

An enterprising and scampering flow out-dazzles the beaming chimes on this rousing single.







“2K19” by JaySyke & Jaymann2x (Link)
Released January 25th

Precarious tones provide the foundation for this declarative and expository rap track.







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