Dyfferant Fights For Her Life On “Zoom”

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Back in May, R&B singer Dyfferant dropped “Zoom,” a cryptic yet stunning track built on lavish, hypnotic vocals that swirl around a patient, gripping groove. It’s a bold musical statement and one she’s recently revisited with a new music video that only adds to the mysterious ambiance.

Shot and edited by Dyfferant alongside the great team at theMSQshop, the stylish video finds Dyfferant in a fight for her life against an unnamed assailant, one who tries his best to rid himself of the bold artist. Dark and ambiguous, the video further inflates the already veiled beauty of the track, adding in a visceral form of defense to the spectral vocals.

The song and video puts Dyfferant in a class of her own within the Richmond music scene and hopefully there’s more to come! According to an interview with theMSQshop back in June (link), the singer is almost finished with her new record entitled Blk Sky Yellow, one she says will “give you late-night vibes as if you were driving around the city at 3 am.”

Until then, you can watch the video for “Zoom” below and make sure to follow Dyfferant on Instagram (link) for more updates.


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