Richmond Music Roundup: October 9 – October 15

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Each week, The Auricular seeks to document every album & single coming out of Richmond, creating a reference point for anyone wanting to catch-up on the eclectic & intriguing music coming out of the city.

While we strive to create a complete picture of all Richmond music, we know that some things will unfortunately fall through the cracks. If anything is missing from the list below, please let us know by e-mailing contact@theauricular, and we will make sure to add it to the next weekly roundup.

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Here is all of the music released out of Richmond for October 9th for October 15th.




Angels Don’t Call Me by Sækyi (Link)
Released October 11th

Captivating R&B melodies make this bright hip-hop album a dazzling affair.

Key Track: “The Forgotten”







Antisextual And Friends by Antisextual (Link)
Released October 13th

An over-abundant collection of diverse beats and samples that give the idiosyncratic MC plenty of room to croon, joke, and flow.

Key Track: “See Tonight”







Bleed by Skincrawler (Link)
Released October 15th

Raging metal music that grinds as much as it stalks with a gnawing, jagged sound.

Key Track: “Bleed”







Casino, Vol 1 by Linus (Link)
Released October 6th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Deep collection of classic rap layered over profoundly soulful samples that are mixed together with hip-hop precision.

Key Track: “Fly”







Dear World Compilation by Anomalis Radio (Link)
Released October 14th

An exciting collection of electronic grooves from a bevy of DJs exploring house, lo-fi, techno, disco, and even world music.

Key Track: “Just To Love”







Dirty / Quagmire by Dust~ (Link)
Released October 14th

Two song EP featuring a coarse dream stomp and a convulsive melodic rave.

Key Track: “Quagmire”







Dreams by Lando P (Link)
Released October 14th

A true modern spin on classic boom bap styles with sharp cadence, fitting inflection, and cagey samples spread over three songs.

Key Track: “Shine With Me (Take Ya Time II)”







Drug Soirée by Quagen! (Link)
Released October 13th

Trap mixtape containing a bevy of thundering tracks that are bolstered by booming bars and raging skill.

Key Track: “Steppin’ Outside”







A Foureign Language 2 by Cadillac Cat (Link)
Released October 10th

A deep but quick collection of terse, bold trap songs that give this gutsy MC plenty of room to assert and excite.

Key Track: “Getty”







Fuh Wit Me Aye by Young Flexico (Link)
Released October 6th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Gnawing rhymes and vibrant talent explore the vibrant beats and samples on this polished grimy hip-hop campaign.

Key Track: “Handle Business”







Grime 3 by mudgee (Link)
Released October 15th

Cartoons, sermons, soul ballads, and more provide the quirky inspiration on this creative beat tape.

Key Track: “Genesis 3:5”







Hanna Crates [Vol 1 Misc_ by mudgee (Link)
Released October 11th

A collection of short sound recordings and loops from the catalog of Hanna Barbera cartoons.

Key Track: “Sound 2”







Hanna Crates [Vol 2 Dirty Edition by mudgee (Link)
Released October 13th

Dusty jazz recordings make up the spliced sound sketches on this peppy beat tape.

Key Track: “Ginger Salt”







Love And Tragedies Volume 2 by MasKqurade (Link)
Released October 15th

True fusion of hip-hop and R&B that welcomes lo-fi, soul, trap, disco, and even chiptune sounds under its spacious, vibrant umbrella.

Key Track: “Caught! (H.L.S)”







No More Kim Kelly by Evan Solomon (Link)
Released October 12th

Two song demo recordings that take their name from cultural mainstays while offering a visceral punk sound and effusive, rousing lyrics.

Key Track: “Eraserhead”







The Pothos Tape by Swellthy (Link)
Released October 7th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Growth in darkness provides musical light on this expansive and inspiring beat tape.

Key Track: “Montgomery”







Prayer For Rain by Elabor (Link)
Released October 14th

Foreboding sounds haunt the deep compositional structure on this three-track ambient release.

Key Track: “A Terrifying Beauty”







Shadow Self by Sleep Sinatra x Ohbliv (Link)
Released October 7th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Richmond’s legendary producer collaborates with the poised Nebraska MC on this vibrant, dazzling record.

Key Track: “Portrait Mode”







Sun Years by Sun Years (Link)
Released October 15th

Two song release that combines atmospheric rock explorations with erupting psych-rock breakdowns.

Key Track: “Teeth Like Stars”







There Might Be Time by Goodnight Daniel (Link)
Released October 14th

Robust alt-rock that masks its propulsion with ticking guitar notes all while patiently moving from pacing blasts to more pensive observations.

Key Track: “Workin'”







Triple 7 by VF Shaolin (Link)
Released October 10th

The frenetic MC is joined in the musical fracas by members of the Mystic Trap Collection this teeming two-song rap release.

Key Track: “Destiny777”







1-59 [And Hutcherson] by mudgee (Link)
Released October 12th

Volume 2 of the Hanna Barbera collection that pulls out short recordings and loops from the classic cartoon archives.

Key Track: “Edelweiss”







III by AKMW (Link)
Released October 15th

Progressive metal instrumentals gnaw and thrash over a boiling core of piercing tones.

Key Track: “Meltdown Pt.1 Chaos”









“Bad News” by No BS! Brass (Link)
Released October 14th

Bubbly brass bounce from the horn dignitaries, paired with a horrifying music video. (Read our full review here.)







“Bing” by Richie Dtn (Link)
Released October 9th

Marching bass notes speed up and brake on this brash hip-hop tromp.







“Black Man” by Rocstagis (Link)
Released October 13th

Hip-hop call-to-action that’s grounded with a gutsy self-care mantra. (Read our full review here.)







“Bodied” by RVLS (Link)
Released October 9th

Misgivings and failings provide the thematic core of this banging electronic hurdle.







“Bun Basket” by Droid The Cook (Link)
Released October 13th

Lofty electronic trills give this rattling beat heavenly polish.







“Cloverz” by TYTY REXX (Link)
Released October 12th

Spliced up electronic samples dart around this whizzing hip-hop twitch.







“Day2Day OG” by Karmah (feat. God Goldin & Starr Nyce) (Link)
Released October 7th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Soulful samples give this bright and punchy rap assertion a gritty shine.







“Dematerilize Moon” by The Evil Winters (Link)
Released October 11th

Scurrying notes turn into pacing rhythms on this rousing ambient composition.







“Devotion” by TheLitLid (Link)
Released October 12th

Crooning hip-hop over an effusive instrumental with a pounding beat.







“Die” by ayosteee (Link)
Released October 11th

Frenzied synth notes revolve around a trembling groove on this horror trap instrumental.







“Dirty Diamond” by LGFaeva (Link)
Released October 9th

Gruff hip-hop steps out into passionate ambience on this contrasting hip-hop mingle.







“The Fee” by Slim Riq (Link)
Released October 11th

Portentous rap track made up of winding flows and a fated, ominous sample.







“Fix Ur Face” by Xavier! (Link)
Released October 13th

Smooth R&B vocals flow over a sorrowful acoustic strum on this gentle track.







“Fxck Columbus” by Rocstagis (Link)
Released October 10th

Tribal samples give this hip-hop denunciation of pillagers and marauders a visceral pull.







“Ghost” by Seriyouse (Link)
Released October 13th

Aching vocals warble over a gloomy beat in this affecting hip-hop lament.







“I Don’t Want To” by Ten Pound Snail (Link)
Released October 14th

Psychedelic ambience permeates this fantastic garage song that offers blistering guitar lines that are boldly bluesy with a strong hint of math rock.







Released October 12th

Gritty vocals bounce between gnawing distortion and friendly murmuring on this hounding hip-hop track.







“Idek” by ICHBINEINASM (Link)
Released October 12th

Rabid flows boldly swerve the tone of this shifty rap swing.







“I’m Thinking Arby’s” by Frankie Is A Cyborg (Link)
Released October 10th

Warm notes glow with a fuzzy shine on this cheeky dance instrumental.







“Inner Mirror” by Archie Marz (Link)
Released October 13th

Boom bap rhymes flow over quirky and plucky string notes on this bumping hip-hop track.







“Lick” by BrooksKreature (feat. luxuri⌀us) (Link)
Released October 15th

A hammering hip-hop swing that pulses with the promise of mob life.







“Mmhmm (parts 1 & 2)” by Frankie Is A Cyborg (Link)
Released October 13th

Erratic and errant tones create a fog of intriguing harmony on this compelling dance oddity.







“Morning Affirmation” by Melathono (Link)
Released October 12th

Smooth snapping rhythms give this glossy rap pronouncement a sleek sound.







“Motel5” by ICHBINEINASM (Link)
Released October 10th

A swirling mix of accelerating rhymes, shifty percussion, and warbling tones give this rap track a beguiling sound.







“Moving On (Let It All Out) (Remix)” by Lexi Dash (Link)
Released October 14th

Fukuhara Miho’s 2009 J-pop single is reimagined in this snazzy, smooth remix.







“My Thang” by Lotus (Link)
Released October 11th

Computing notes fill the high and low end on this shaking hip-hop dance track.







“Naysay” by 99zed x Saliva Grey (Link)
Released October 14th

Piercing flows and pummeling beats overpower the speaker on this maxed out hip-hop assault.







“Not To Know” by Mister Earthbound (Link)
Released October 11th

Mucky guitar notes drip over the tight rhythms and swooping vocals on this heavy psych frolic.







“Pistols & Crystals” by TH3 x Huncho4Mikey (Link)
Released October 12th

Violence and opulence clash on this twinkling and bullish rap challenge.







“Play It Right” by Prince Gravy (Link)
Released October 9th

Looming vocals tower over deep bass notes and swelling samples on this rippling rap rumble.







“Real Gang” by Lal804 (Link)
Released October 10th

Bristly hip-hop ambience built on a contrast of calming synth notes and knotty vocals.







“River Loft Flows” by Big B (Link)
Released October 12th

Sensational lyrics and bars are unloaded onto a smooth beat in this fantastic and clever rap affirmation. (Read our full review here.)







“RN!” by Prisun (Link)
Released October 15th

Swaying rhymes bob back and forth on this antsy, yet keen rap sprint.







“Sentimental” by Frsh Who (Link)
Released October 7th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Clacking drumsticks snap over pacing, thunderous bass notes while a hungry MC stretches his talent. (Read our full review here.)







“Skat” by DLovely (Link)
Released October 6th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

A surprisingly slick sample makes this thumping track feel like a breath of fresh trap air.







“SoFHuckedUP” by Mekcheese (Link)
Released October 12th

Divergent sound filters give this hip-hop broadcast a disorienting flow.







“Spend Some Time” by Righteous Roots (Link)
Released October 14th

Warm reggae rock with serene emotion that’s polished in a lo-fi manner, making it feel like it’s coming straight out of the worn out speakers of a memorable family radio.







“Spirit Guides” by Yogamuffin (Link)
Released October 13th

Downtempo exercise that combines tricky lo-fi tones with a placid rhythmic mantra.







“The Story Of My Life” by Moon For Kelly (Link)
Released October 15th

Sharp guitar lines and layered vocals give this plucky punk foray an auspicious sound.







“Suck It And See” by Droid The Cook (Link)
Released October 13th

Melodic percussive hits give this snappy hip-hop beat a playful and nimble appeal.







“Swaganese” by Lotus (Link)
Released October 14th

Distorted electronic warbles hum in the fuzzy background of this booming hip-hop pursuit.







“Transcontinental Gift” by The Evil Winters (Link)
Released October 12th

Sweeping symphonic piece that moves through serene observations and dire excursions.







“Unknown Access” by Yapdayday X Mel.murda (Link)
Released October 10th

Throbbing hip-hop bounce built on a sore piano melody and vocals that flip between quiet humming and abrasive aching.







“Vibe” by Syelock (Link)
Released October 14th

Spirited samples and loops give this rabid hip-hop track a bright, swinging charm.







“Waffle Grip” by BIGHOMIE$LIM (Link)
Released October 10th

Coarse vocals flow over a shaky beat and molten bass notes on this stalking rap pursuit.







“When I’m Gone” by TH3 (feat. CashOutJai) (Link)
Released October 12th

Bristling vocals harmonize over a bubbling sample on prickly, romantic hip-hop wish.







“Yea Ok” by Frankie Is A Cyborg (Link)
Released October 11th

Harsh, abrasive electronic pulses harmonize on this ominous, yet thrilling electronic track that feels like a spiritual companion to the work of Lena Raine.







“Yo Money” by Slim Riq (Link)
Released October 11th

Droning tones babble in the background of this grimy rap jab.







“804” by MiddleManR3ek (Link)
Released October 14th

Smooth hip-hop from a sleek MC flowing gently over a steady, peaceful sample.







“9TH” by Chandler (feat. Fellaair) (Link)
Released October 14th

Stylish hip-hop bounce that find two crafty MC’s freely spinning around a fantastic beat and peculiar loop.







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