FM Skyline Explores Aquatic Palaces On “Classique”

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It’s been five years since FM Skyline dropped their debut record Deluxe Memory Suite™ to overwhelming praise and in the years that have followed, the bold architect of electronica has only continued to raise the skill of their art to new, towering levels. All of this culminated on Illuminations, the 2021 record released through 100% Electronica which was praised for its radiant emotion and vibrant exploration of the vaporwave genre. Just recently, FM Skyline announced a new pressing of that record on blue marble vinyl and also unveiled a new retro video for one of the album’s sleeper hits, “Classique.”

Towering and shimmering, the video tracks varying structures set in an oceanic climate of effusive beauty and lofty promise. It’s a world you could easily lose yourself in if you put it on repeat, finding solace in the bright arpeggios that dance over an inviting groove.

This video is not the only thing FM Skyline has put out thus far in 2022. In July, the anodic artisan released “On The Promenade,” a song previously demoed for Illuminations that was finished and released as a standalone single. Alongside the new pressing of Illuminations, “On The Promenade” is also getting a physical release in the form of a 7″ Flexi disc that will be available to order through 100% Electronica. (Link here.)

Check out the video for “Classique” below and make sure to grab a limited edition copy of Illuminations while you can (link here)!


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