Premiere: Colin Phils Explore A Cavern Of Grief On “La Fin”

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Later this month, local rock group Colin Phils will unveil their latest record, Trust/Fall, through Post. Recordings, an eleven-track affair that expands on the band’s spacious and resonant sound. In the lead-up to that release, the quartet has been releasing intriguing singles, like the thorny swell “Frenemies” or the knotty rumination “I Love You,” which make Trust/Fall highly anticipated for the band’s fanbase which spans from Richmond to South Korea, where the group first began back in 2013.

Today, the math-rock tetrad is releasing another single from their upcoming record, the cavernous and poignant track “La Fin,” which The Auricular is proud to premiere at the bottom of this article.

In “La Fin,” Colin Phils explores a gaping hole left in the wake of an emotional loss. Stray guitar notes ring out like a mind wrestling with itself during aching reflection, trying to make sense out of this intrusive crater that’s firmly affixed to the heart and soul.

“This song was one of my first attempts to word how I was feeling immediately after losing my mother a few years ago,” guitarist and vocalist Ben Tiner revealed. “There‚Äôs not too many lyrics, but I think the song still carries some weight. I know it helped me out a lot. My hope is always that maybe this would reach someone at a similar place for a positive impact.”

As Tiner mentioned, the lyrics contain only around 20 words, which help convey the ambiguous emotions that surface after loss, emotions that endlessly nag and haunt in their hazy complexion.

I love you
and I miss you
I have so many things to say, yet nothing at all
I guess that’s death

Around these words, the band construct a sound that billows from tender notes to a cathartic release of heartache which fills the anguished grotto with layers of soaring guitars and rumbling percussion, each emphatically composed and conveyed. The end result is a dazzling presentation of grief, one that could be essential to those still in the recent shock as well as those battling with it years later.

Trust/Fall will be out digitally and physically on Friday, March 20th with an album release show scheduled for the following day at Gallery5 on Saturday, March 21st alongside Dumb Waiter and Calvin Presents, local acts who share an affinity for complex, out-of-the-box songwriting. You can find more information about the show, including ticket prices and showtime, by clicking here.

You can pre-order Trust/Fall now on Colin Phils’ Bandcamp and Post. Recordings’ website and you might just want to after experiencing the sweeping probe of “La Fin,” which you can listen to below.


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