Premiere: Indira & Guppy Jo Revel In Exuberant Emotion On “Lover, Hold On To Me”

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day is a new sweeping plea perfect for new, blossoming relationships as well as those affectionate partnerships that have only hit their stride after years together.

“Lover, Hold On To Me” is an endlessly pleasing overture from Indira & Guppy Jo, full of the sort of vibrant emotion that rushes to the front of lovers’ mind this time of the year. Officially out on Friday, February 14th, The Auricular is proud to offer an exclusive stream a day early today, available below.


Described by frontwoman Indira Sultanić as her “most pop song yet,” the song features a saccharine melody and impassioned lyrics all set to a snapping cadence, which gives the gleaming track a nimble polish. Lines like “You showed me that even cynics fall in love” and “I’m not afraid of making plans though life turns on a dime” offer poignant, straight-forward observations, allowing the song to resonate strongly even without the infectious, soaring chorus.

This song marks the first music released from Indira & Guppy Jo since Can We Stay The Same?, their dynamic and rousing debut album released last March that was one of the best local records of 2019, and is a poised step forward for the band who had already honed a compelling and inviting sound.

Produced by Austin Bello, the song formed, according to Sultanić, “exactly how I imagined it would sound in my head… and more,” even though the genesis wasn’t as cut-and-dry.

“I was asked to write a love song for a wedding,” Sultanić stated. “This song was born out of that process. It wasn’t the song I was writing, but it ended up being the song for it. It was inspired by a love story between two very special people who met in Boston, fell in love, and decided to commit to each other until the end.”

Drawn to their story, Sultanić crafted the song around an encompassing feeling that’s unique to each couple, but also shared across the globe. “It talks about love as a universal concept, and the importance of loving yourself fully and completely, before surrendering your heart into another person’s hands. It’s about the power of love (Celine Dion power level) and love as the thing we all crave, and cannot live without.”

“Lover, Hold On To Me” is as much a conversational declaration as it is a reflective story, something that’s clear from the opening lines of imaginary dragon slaying in a childhood home. It’s a framing device superbly utilized here that moves the song from notable affection into anthemic devotion.

“I’ve always been drawn to storytellers and songs that can paint a clear picture as the story unfolds before you, which is what I think this song does. I can’t say that I was trying to, per se, but I ended up writing a song that evokes very vivid images of two individuals as children –- the juxtaposition of growing up and the grown up, the innocence of a young child, and the belief in love despite life’s uncertainty.”

All told, “Lover, Hold On To Me” is a timeless love song that romantics will bask in over and over again through intimate dances in living rooms late at night or joyful gatherings with friends and family, something that keys into Sultanić’s central takeaway.

“Ultimately, for me, this song is a celebration of love, life, and happiness.”

“Lover, Hold On To Me” will be available through all streaming platforms on Friday, February 14th. You can listen to the ebullient track above, and while you enjoy it, make sure to follow Indira & Guppy Jo on Facebook and Instagram so you can stay up-to-date on their future shows and releases.


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