Remote Control Colorfully Flare On “Take Me Back”

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Want to view garage rock through a rainbow lens? Look no further then for Remote Control has you covered! The rock quartet recently released their third and final music video from their Anaphylaxis EP, this time showcasing the EP’s reeling rock scorn “Take Me Back.”

Shot by Pedro Aida (who also recorded the song and EP at his Audio Verite studios), the video for “Take Me Back” relays a studio performance of the track through various polychromatic filters. At first, the video comes across as psychedelic, but as the palpable tension of the derisive track heightens, the hue turns grittier with frayed edges closing in before a kaleidoscope of shimmering colors close out the track. It feels manic in design, matching the song’s central flawed premise of going back to the mythical “before” does in reality. The more you focus on this concept, the more it distorts and melts before our very eyes, just like the video the canny quartet has provided here.

Alongside the videos for previous singles “Blow For Blow” (link) and “Anaphylaxis” (link), the “Take Me Back” video provides just a touch more depth to the EP’s scathing tone, one informed as much by the disgust of current reality as it is by apathetic hope. The runtime of this EP may only just scrap the ten minute mark, but with all three videos now, Remote Control has given us a record as deep and impactful as records going past the thirty, forty-five, or even sixty minute mark.

You can check out the polychromatic video for “Take Me Back” below and make sure to grab a copy of Anaphylaxis over at Remote Control’s Bandcamp now (link here).


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