Premiere: NORMN Strikes A Raw Chord With “Feel This Way”

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Comfort, belonging, acceptance, satisfaction-—these elusive states are far from constants in our lives. Instead, they fluctuate unpredictably, leaving us to grapple with the lingering emptiness they create. Each swing of this emotional pendulum plunges us deeper into introspection, fueling questions that seem to defy easy answers. Why does this perpetual cycle elude our understanding? Why do we find ourselves surrendering to its capricious control? And despite the universality of our struggles, why do we often feel so isolated in our pain?

In his latest single, “Feel This Way,” local R&B artist NORMN delves boldly into the heart of this inherent anguish. With a delicate balance of yearning and resignation, the song offers a poignant exploration of enduring emotional turmoil, juxtaposing it against his typically lively style with thoughtful reflection. Today, The Auricular is pleased to premiere this track ahead of its official release on Friday, March 22nd with an exclusive stream below as well as insight into its heartfelt plea.


From the very first chords, “Feel This Way” emanates affliction. Strained guitar strums, drenched in reverb, evoke a palpable sense of angst. As the vocals intertwine with a somber beat, the profound despair gradually unfurls. Lyrics such as “Staring at the ceiling yet again\ reminded that the mirror ain’t my friend” reveal a raw fixation on inner turmoil. However, this fixation is transient, giving way to a poignant inquiry: “Why do I feel this way? Is it acceptable to be plagued by sadness in this modern era?” It offers a glimpse into a realm of solemn empathy, resonating with finesse through its deliberate progression.

“Feel This Way” marks a departure from NORMN’s trio of lively releases in 2023–“Outta My System,” “Praise,” and “Sunshine.” Thematically, it harkens back to NORMN’s debut EP from 2021, Melancollege, a collection steeped in somber creativity. Yet, when placed side by side, the differences are stark. While “Feel This Way” explores similar depths of despair, it does so against a backdrop of subdued sounds, diverging from the vibrant and dynamic tones of NORMN’s earlier exploration of dejection. Here, NORMN plunges us directly into the heart of the scene: fixated on a shadowy ceiling fan rotating in slow motion to the subdued inner rhythm gradually losing control.

Tracing NORMN’s musical odyssey over the years unveils a panorama of life’s peaks and valleys, echoing the fluctuating rhythms of real-world despair. Each composition serves as a poignant episode in his narrative, capturing the nuanced layers and profound depths of human emotion. While his latest chapter, and perhaps the forthcoming ones, grapple with poignant resignation, future chapters promise to explore vivid highs with the same insightful musical acumen. Until then, let us admire the journey as it unfolds, enabling us to fully savor the soaring highs and endure the solitary lows with resilience. Perhaps this will provide the comfort NORMN seeks amidst his quest for relief and restoration. At the very least, it will serve as a comforting presence as he navigates the challenges ahead.

“Feel This Way” is out everywhere on Friday, March 22nd and you can pre-save it now by clicking here. To keep up to date on future releases and performances from NORMN, make sure to follow him on social media by clicking here.


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