Richmond Music Roundup: January 9 – January 15

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Each week, The Auricular seeks to document every album & single coming out of Richmond, creating a reference point for anyone wanting to catch-up on the eclectic & intriguing music coming out of the city.

While we strive to create a complete picture of all Richmond music, we know that some things will unfortunately fall through the cracks. If anything is missing from the list below, please let us know by e-mailing contact@theauricular, and we will make sure to add it to the next weekly roundup.

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Here is all of the music released out of Richmond for January 9th for January 15th.




CDXX by Sleeping Awake (Link)
Released January 14th

Carefully crafted sonic journey through a gritty & shimmering futuristic world with its own melodic lore and rhythmic attractions.

Key Track: “Ara Ara”







Computer Music by Ben Wilson (Link)
Released January 15th

Burrowing electronic release that explores the tunnels under the house music to endearing results.

Key Track: “Call You”







Growing by Innate (Link)
Released January 1st (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Freeform jazz instrumentals built on lofty, capricious melodies and furtive, droning responses.

Key Track: “A Beautiful Thing”







Live At The Camel by LIPS (Link)
Released January 14th

Fuzzy smart phone recording of a recent live set by the caustic hardcore quartet.

Key Track: “So Let’s Get To The Point”







Mantra by Dust (Link)
Released January 10th

Subversive electronica that yields grungy dubstep and breakbeat jazz with its cagey experimentation.

Key Track: “In 4”







Moon Maniac by 3:33 (Link)
Released January 15th

Four track hardcore onslaught with a crafty ability to take the foot of the gas for some truly transcendent moments.

Key Track: “The Dark Side Of Light Beer”







Resignation Tomes by Midnight Rob (Link)
Released January 14th

Pensive song collection that darts between bedroom pop contemplation and country-western honesty.

Key Track: “The Way Of The Zen”







Servitude by Flagellations (Link)
Released January 9th

Close your eyes and you can hear the inner chaos and outer beauty of a fire across this two-track harsh noise record.

Key Track: “Flagellation 2”







Sk8 (Sensei​)​tion by Quan Sensei (Link)
Released January 14th

Brilliant beat tape overflowing with 36 separate instrumentals that serves as a gushing love letter to the black roller-skating community.

Key Track: “Smooth Brother”







Sonic Abstraction by Dr. Data (Link)
Released January 13th

25-minute beat mélange that flaunts its prowess through different sonic scenes, each vivid & infectious.

Key Track: “Sonic Abstraction”









“Apollo Creed (feat. Vintage A & Cane)” by Big B (Link)
Released January 13th

Bombastic rap track utilizing a triumphant melody to elevate the trio of avid & aspiring MCs.







“BE4N $hieSTy (feat. 804 Banz & Leopardchaun)” by A$4 (Link)
Released January 14th

Cruising rap track paced by a quartet of piano notes and a swerving lyrical flow.







“Berserk” by 804_False_society (Link)
Released January 12th

Foreboding dubstep track with alarming arpeggios and sharp, stray electronic fills.







“Black Masterpiece (feat. Rasul)” by Unoit (Link)
Released January 7th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Rich tones gleam out underneath two treasured MCs trading propulsive & sharp verses.







“Captain Sky” by Dr. Data (Link)
Released January 13th

Errant notes and sounds are roughly spliced together for a clever and fun beat.







“Classy” by Syelock (Link)
Released January 14th

Deep, posh woodwind tones contrast against a grimy, ragged flow on this short, but forceful rap single.







“Dead Broke (Remix)” by 804$hard (Link)
Released January 15th

Meditative and thundering remix of Lil Skies’ 2021 single.







“Dolce & Gabbana Doe” by Archie Marz (Link)
Released January 13th

Off-kilt beats give this straight-forward banger a raving & memorable feel.







“Don Coreleon (feat. Noah O)” by Chance Fischer (Link)
Released January 7th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Two MCs at the top of their game, turning a simple drumbeat and droning siren into an intriguing head-bob.







“Dylan On The Track (feat. 804 Banz & Sonsy Nick)” by A$4 (Link)
Released January 14th

Straggly beats and rhymes rotate around each other in this zany hip-hop single.







“Emotions” by 804Beats (Link)
Released January 10th

Sentimental rap track with an emotive guitar track coaxing out the smooth flow’s affecting core.







“For The Team” by RDFRD (Link)
Released January 15th

Rich tones and brisk words juggle around this silvery rap sparkle.







“Go” by Wyld Tha Bard (Link)
Released January 13th

Blustering rap track with roaring bars that flow and march alongside a chiming loop and rebounding beat.







“Goliath” by Roy Alva (Link)
Released January 11th

Compelling hip-hop distilling complicated truths through a striking flow and lofty beat.







“GTAV Heist” by 804_False_society (Link)
Released January 13th

Chiptune trills, laser notes, and distorted samples combine for a dubstep banger… or robotic warfare.







“Here For Good” by Unoit (Link)
Released January 7th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Deliberate words roll in perfect cadence on this glossy rap broadcast.







“I Ain Kno” by Yohiness Beatz (Link)
Released January 10th

Deep reverberations turn into a distorted, memorable melody on this fuzzed out rap track.







“I’m A Meteor (Burning For Your Love)” by Mike Banks (Link)
Released January 10th

Acoustic swing with a country twang evoking astrophysics for an emotional pull.







“Inaction Is The Soil That Buries Us (My Indolence Is By Fear Of Dirt)” by Avery Fogarty (Link)
Released January 12th

Errant whistles, curious strings, tapping background beats, and a precarious tambourine lift this piano piece from an intimate rumination to an immersive experience.







“Loco (Remix) (feat. Pooh Shiesty)” by Jon804 (Link)
Released January 12th

Shaky remix of Machine Gun Kelly’s 2018 single that enhances the frenetic wobble.







“Love Hate (feat. Weezy Pacino)” by Mack Ben Widdit (Link)
Released January 10th

Sharp piano notes ring in the periphery of this pulsating rap track from two bustling MCs.







“My Baby Don’t Care For Me” by Mike Banks (Link)
Released January 12th

Acoustic jaunt with a swaying strum and copper vocals.







“Passion” by Richie Gull (Link)
Released January 14th

An expansive instrumental with a flighty melody tethered to the rhythmic foundation by a deep, infectious groove.







“Quietly” by Korporal K (Link)
Released January 14th

A smooth, crackling beat strolls alongside pithy, yet honed bars.







“Richmond” by Richie Gull (Link)
Released January 14th

The soundtrack to your favorite hole-in-the-wall jazz club, courtesy of this fetching instrumental.







“Sidewalk Rooftop” by Ages (Link)
Released January 13th

Math-y guitar lines add up to a maze-like composition utilizing a yearning voice as a haunting compass.







“Sleeping Through A Car Crash” by Broken Glowsticks (Link)
Released January 14th

Compelling lyricism drives this surging rock track away from emotional ruin and into cathartic release. (Read our full review here.)







“Sons Of Egypt” by Unoit (Link)
Released January 7th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

A haze of venerable tones wash over this smooth, but biting hip-hop sail.







“SuperDangerous” by 804Quezzy (Link)
Released January 15th

Knotty rap track featuring persistent crooning over a shadowy guitar and hurdling rhythm.







“Three Days Of Sorrow : New Year’s Eve (feat. Strawberry Moon)” by Hicham Benhallam (Link)
Released January 12th

A perfect, contemplative January counterbalance to December opulence. (Read our full review here.)







“Trigger Warning” by Earth Dog Mothership (Link)
Released January 12th

Swampy blues jam narrated by a deep outlaw voice lamenting his cloudy folk tale. (Read our full review here.)







“Wish Me Well” by LGFaeva (Link)
Released January 9th

Raging rhymes bulldoze their way through a shifty instrumental with daunting presence.







“Yall Cant Stop Me” by Crenshaw (Link)
Released January 10th

Head-bobbing yelps pace the beat as the drums paint a vibrant picture with the faint help of Misdemeanor.







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