Richmond Music Roundup: September 18 – September 24

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Each week, The Auricular seeks to document every album & single coming out of Richmond, creating a reference point for anyone wanting to catch-up on the eclectic & intriguing music coming out of the city.

While we strive to create a complete picture of all Richmond music, we know that some things will unfortunately fall through the cracks. If anything is missing from the list below, please let us know by e-mailing contact@theauricular, and we will make sure to add it to the next weekly roundup.

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Here is all of the music released out of Richmond for September 18th for September 24th.




Attic Hours by Roughshod (Link)
Released September 23rd

Tricky rock music that scurries across a wide range of styles & sounds on an explosive & exceptional four-song EP.

Key Track: “Como Antes”







Beats For Jeeps Vol. 4 (Beats For Peeps) by Yogamuffin (Link)
Released September 21st

Ingenious beat tape that feels intimate and colossal, like a lo-fi head’s crafty take on an expansive sound. Stick around for the closing track.

Key Track: “Woe”







The Black Sleep Chronicles Vol. 1 by N I C H E Y (Link)
Released September 21st

Impassioned R&B melodies and fierce hip-hop bars all come from the same stirring voice on this impressive hip-hop EP.

Key Track: “D r o w n i n g (RVA Anthem)-”







Clay Tape Extras by yajirobe (boombaps) (Link)
Released September 24th

Two sides of the same coin, the prolific producer looks at some creative boom baps from all vantage points, along with the help of some talented MCs.

Key Track: “Letters From Mt. Moon”







Digital Thrombosis by HazzardTron (Link)
Released September 19th

Sparse and spacious electronic instrumentals that look upward and inward.

Key Track: “Earth Lungs”







Don’t Stab Your Hand by Knifing Around (Link)
Released September 23rd

Genre-bending synth-rock that harkens back to the breath of fresh air that first-wave post-punk provided, but with modern clarity and creativity.

Key Track: “Knifing Around”







Drip Sauce by Steak Sauce (Link)
Released September 24th

Electronic sketches that vocally exhaust the titular phrase while sonically darting anywhere the musical wind blows.

Key Track: “Saucey Drip”







Face Of God by Anti Sextual (Link)
Released September 21st

Creative beats meet a romping vocal melody on this hip-hop antic.

Key Track: “Everything Seems So White”







The Family Man by Anti Sextual (Link)
Released September 19th

Coarse lyrics and vocals exploit the otherwise moving instrumentals on this two-song release.

Key Track: “Hangover”







A Foureign Language 2 by Cadillac Cat (Link)
Released September 24th

Cruising record that shows off the vulnerable sincerity and focused confidence of modern day hip-hop.

Key Track: “This 4 My Scarz”







From The Stick by Anti Sextual (Link)
Released September 17th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Club bangers pair with cryptic reflections on this instrumental hip-hop collection.

Key Track: “Fia Fia”







God Given by Anti Sextual (Link)
Released September 20th

Eerie and vexing three-song EP from the mind of a devious and tricky producer.

Key Track: “All She Wanna Do”







Greate​$​t Hit$ by Michael Chafin (Link)
Released September 24th

Gorgeous synth-soul record that reaches the melodic high of synth-rock and the vocal resonance of progressive hip-hop.

Key Track: “Ego”







Hand Rolled by Summer Starved (Link)
Released September 21st

This three song release gives you three different musical glances at the same moving soulful rock track from a polished musician.

Key Track: “Hand Rolled – Single”







Headshot by Anti Sextual (Link)
Released September 19th

Erratic murmurs give this glittering record a manic polish.

Key Track: “Fire On The Mountain”







High Pressure by Heavy Is The Head (Link)
Released September 23rd

Hammering rhythms and piercing guitars thrash wildly on this terse and lyrical dense metal EP.

Key Track: “Foundations”







IWBD by Evan Solomon (Link)
Released September 21st

Gritty punk rock that manipulates its distorted 8-track sound to deliver some truly memorable hooks and breakdowns.

Key Track: “IWBD (1/2)”







The Life by Anti Sextual (Link)
Released September 23rd

Slow burning instrumentals give way for some vocal experimentation and musical larks.

Key Track: “Bugspray”







Loveless by Ahki-Jihad (Link)
Released September 23rd

Three songs (five if you count the three versions of the title track) that flaunt the punchy and vibrant boom bap that darts over sly samples.

Key Track: “Check For Me”







Luxury by Marilyn (Link)
Released September 23rd

Hair-raising pop record that flaunts the imposing voice of an especially talented singer-songwriter.

Key Track: “Honey, Honey”







Tha Mark of Buddha by Bodhisativa (Link)
Released September 20th

Wide-ranging beat tape that draws on Eastern spiritualism motifs to enhance its grimy beats and vibrant hooks.

Key Track: “Translucent Light”







Megaphone Underwater by Charger Port (Link)
Released September 23rd

Tense and anxious “rock” record that darts between conventions and experimentation to deliver a surprisingly resonant noise affair that demands repeat listens

Key Track: “escargotwellsfargo”







A Nigga Might’ve Cared Too Much by Troy (Link)
Released September 22nd

A wonderland of hip-hop creativity from the mind of a daring rapper that’s as comfortable in a peppy jaunt as he is trading explosive bars with other fiery MCs.

Key Track: “Mhmm”







Only Transition by Steve Ashby (Link)
Released September 23rd

A Scottish mountain range provides the sonic backdrop for this ambient exploration of nature and contemplation.

Key Track: “Cloud Has Rushed On The Mountain”







Page Of Death by Anti Sextual (Link)
Released September 23rd

Seven track is a musical tome in the mind of this busy producer, and the tone here does it best to match that description.

Key Track: “Bleed Out”







Rittenhouse Mix by GARÇON (Link)
Released September 22nd

Dexterous showcase of the shrewd producer’s glowing talent and impressive reach.

Key Track: “Movement Four”







Saturn Rocket One by Nudibranch (Link)
Released September 20th

Previously unreleased material from a classic Richmond noise rock band that’s as vibrant today as it was back in 1993.

Key Track: “Brothea”







Savings Direct by mudgee (Link)
Released September 21st

Short, jazzy sketches make up this brief yet vibrant beat tape.

Key Track: “Get y”







The Soul Of Linda, Pt. 1: Love by I Like Dinner (Link)
Released September 24th

Pop rock opera that tackles the thought of reincarnating Linda McCartney and ends up writing a perfect love letter to ’60s power pop with charming ditties dimpled with baroque and wobbly inclinations.

Key Track: “Joy, Pure Joy”







Turnup On The Table by Anti Sextual (Link)
Released September 23rd

A smooth, odd groove is sandwiched between two distressing tracks.

Key Track: “Virgin”







“Wakes Up Everday To Record An Album” by Anti Sextual (Link)
Released September 19th

A more precise tone helps this spacious EP stand-out in the abundant producer’s catalog.

Key Track: “Bleeding MF”







Walnugget by Walnugget (Link)
Released September 20th

Instrumental hard rock record that finds the modern day center of blues, prog, psychedelic, and even metal.

Key Track: “And The Show Went On”







Wishing Well / Summertime In Memphis by The Gherkins (Link)
Released September 22nd

Two song release from a rock duo that takes the ’90s slowcore sound and applies modern clarity and ingenuity.

Key Track: “Summertime In Memphis”







Youth Dissolved by itslolita x Digital Hell (Link)
Released September 21st

Chaotic instrumentals that have a surprisingly fun hip-hop beat at their erratic core.

Key Track: “Therac-36”







60 by Tim Harding (Link)
Released September 19th

Acoustic covers of classic soul, pop, and rock tracks with a plucking charm.

Key Track: “And I Love Her”







0365 by Guy Without Shirt (Link)
Released September 21st

Restorative ambient album with a variety of soundscapes that drift into one another with meticulous harmony.

Key Track: “Night Orchestra United”







44k by Seriyouse (Link)
Released September 23rd

Plush, icy tones give this brief hip-hop record a glacial theme to carry its balmy flows.

Key Track: “Connect”







4657890 765453 by Anti Sextual (Link)
Released September 24th

Another seven track release from the usually terse producer with unrestrained talent.

Key Track: “Get A Frame”









“All I See Is Shade” by MotelSixx (feat. Melathono) (Link)
Released September 22nd

Marching bars parade around a bubbling hip-hop bounce.







“Animal” by Mystic Trap Collective (feat. VF Shaolin, Melathono, & Ohanna.29) (Link)
Released September 22nd

Palpitating hip-hop single that uses a short, tense loop to bring clarity to a murky tack.







“Bonnie Boo” by Droid The Cook (Link)
Released September 17th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Warm, flashing tones waltz around a clacking rhythm on this lively synth instrumental.







“Case Closed” by Mystic Trap Collective (feat. VF Shaolin, Melathono, & Poppa Woppa) (Link)
Released September 23rd

Driving rap track built on a fermenting melody and jolting bars from some frenetic MCs.







“Cave Dweller” by Hotspit (Link)
Released September 22nd

Moving piece of garage rock exploration shaded by country-western twang. (Read our full review here.)







“Construct! {555 Nia Long} ” by VF Shaolin (feat. Melathono) (Link)
Released September 24th

Ime Udoka turn away, this sticky rap track is more cavalier than lucky in its bossy demeanor.







“Demigod” by 804Quezzy (Link)
Released September 21st

Murmuring intoning echoes in and out of this cavernous hip-hop track.







“Don’t Miss” by Mystic Trap Collective (feat. Melathono, VF Shaolin, $TG) (Link)
Released September 22nd

Two spry MC unload lively flows that are darkly painted by a wistful sample.







“Dreams” by Von x Sha Da Wondah (Link)
Released September 19th

Gliding piano notes and a swaying vocal flow give this snapping hip-hop track a breezy and memorable charm.







“Empty, Alone, And Stupid Enough to Keep Doing The Thing That Hurts Me” by Frankie Is A Cyborg (Link)
Released September 22nd

Punchy snare hits direct this cagey instrumental full of erratic sounds and resonant melodies.







“Feelin Me” by MotelSixx (feat. Melathono) (Link)
Released September 22nd

Misty tones create a spacious backdrop for two MC’s to wildly exploit on this agile rap single.







“Float” by Lal804 (Link)
Released September 24th

Clacking rhythms fizz out on this whirring rap track.







“Funny Money” by GAWD (feat. Melathono) (Link)
Released September 22nd

Steely notes tick away on this chirpy and punchy rap track.







“Get A Bag” by KingKhi (Link)
Released September 15th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Bumping rap track built on a catchy contrast between a playful melody and grimy flow.







“Immune” by RF-Sol (feat. Traqp) (Link)
Released September 19th

Smooth bars with a lyrical bite direct this snazzy rap track with a buzzing hook.







“Jigg” by Mystic Trap Collective (feat. VF Shaolin, Seriyouse, Woeski Finesse, Melathono, & SethTheBrokenKid) (Link)
Released September 23rd

A fizzy melody does more than enough to support six members from the vibrant Mystic Trap Collective.







“King Shit Talker” by Raie Lenicx (Link)
Released September 22nd

Wispy vocals haunt the background of this deranged and sizzling hip-hop track.







“Kingdomkome” by Mystic Trap Collective (feat. Swaebabie & VF Shaolin) (Link)
Released September 23rd

Maxed out bass notes contrast a surprisingly smooth flow from two apt MCs on this cruising track.







“Laying Next To You But I’ve Never Felt So Alone” by Frankie Is A Cyborg (Link)
Released September 21st

Expansive instrumental with a portentous sound that feels eerily intimate and especially stirring.







“Let Niggas Think” by GAWD (feat. Melathono) (Link)
Released September 22nd

Lamenting murmurs and abrasive bars go toe-to-toe with a lurching rhythm section.







“Night Core” by Melathono x Woeskifinesse (Link)
Released September 22nd

Flickering tones illuminate this howling hip-hop blow.







“No Fear” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released September 18th

Dashing instrumental that feels daring in its soaring melody and punctuated string samples.







“Paste” by Chandler (feat. Fellaair & Lunch $pecial) (Link)
Released September 23rd

Three MC’s match verses on this throbbing rap track polished by a glitzy backing sample.







“Propaganda Organ” by Terror Cell (Link)
Released September 24th

Grinding metal track that parses its hardcore blitz with canny segue-ways.







“Rari” by KingKhi (Link)
Released September 15th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

An exceptionally fun rhythm section really helps this rustling hip-hop track stand out.







“Remnants” by BIGHOMIE$LIM (Link)
Released September 23rd

Skidding rap track that features a patient beat pushed to the limit by a manic flow.







“Repeat” by FNF Chop (feat. Fivio Foreign) (Link)
Released September 23rd

Stalking hip-hop haunt that looms over grim piano notes with a rabid flow. (Read our full review here.)







“Rich Gobble” by Droid The Cook (Link)
Released September 20th

Dripping bass notes give this bobbing beat a sweltering sensation.







“RVA Interlude” by KingKhi (Link)
Released September 22nd

Ascendant vocal samples are contrasted by a deep vocal flow that cuts through the spacious beats with grainy style.







“Samefolks” by Mystic Trap Collective (feat. Seriyouse, VF Shaolin, & Poppa Woppa) (Link)
Released September 23rd

Wafting tones are blown back and forth by a pumping rhythm section on this teeming rap track.







“Scary Machine” by Droid The Cook (Link)
Released September 21st

Calculating beat that exploits the menace of cold, anodic tones and a pacing rhythm.







“Seven” by Frankie Is A Cyborg (Link)
Released September 21st

Prattling mechanical tones rotate in harmony on this thumping, programmed instrumental.







“Stop Looking For Noise” by Radio B (Link)
Released September 23rd

Simmering rap track that showcases the prolific MC’s inspiring and empowering talent. (Read our full review here.)







“Stop Talking” by 804 babykhai (Link)
Released September 20th

Combative rap track with a blown-out flow that overlooks a furtive instrumental.







“Stunt Double” by Phantom Mercenary x Hail KaeSar x MattYouMadeThis (Link)
Released September 21st

Poignant strings contrast the moving beat and frenzied flow on this intriguing rap track.







“Suki” by KingKhi (Link)
Released September 22nd

Glass notes ring out nimbly on this strutting rap patrol.







“Swag” by MotelSixx (feat. Melathono) (Link)
Released September 22nd

Chiptune meets club banger on this thumping rap track with a memorable hook.







“Take Me Back” by Remote Control (Link)
Released September 20th

Reeling rock track with palpable tension that builds through its derisive lyrics. (Read our full review here.)







“A Temple Session 1: In The Stu” by rosegoldtemple (feat. Othello.pi and Z.) (Link)
Released September 23rd

Crafty production helps this drill track traipse around its pacing hook.







“Too Much” by Gawddiiee (feat. XenosTheStranger) (Link)
Released September 23rd

Two forceful MC’s stride confidently through a fog of sounds on this hazy, swaying track.







“Where Ya At” by TH3 (feat. Vaughntoolit) (Link)
Released September 20th

Modulated bars test the octave scale and decibel limit on this scouting hip-hop flight.







“Wildfire” by Morgan Lynsey (Link)
Released September 23rd

Soaring country pop that matches the blazing highs of new love.







“WYD?” by Droid The Cook x Amrise (Link)
Released September 21st

A throaty sax sound gives this teeming rap track a quirky charm and memorable hook.







“Your Company” by Keely Burn (Link)
Released September 13th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Tender piano song that matches a peppy melody with a sweeping chorus. (Read our full review here.)







“23 RVA” by KingKhi (Link)
Released September 22nd

Twinkling piano notes weave in and out of this pulsating hip-hop march.







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