Premiere: Colpa Mia Release Surging Debut Single “Atlas”

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Indie pop quartet Colpa Mia has been dazzling audiences with their live performances for months now, and today they begin to astound music fans away from the concert stage with the release of their debut single, the surging and palpitating song “Atlas,” available to listen exclusively today on The Auricular.

“Atlas” is the first song off a forthcoming release from Colpa Mia, being released now “so people have something to listen to,” according to guitarist Mike Phelan. “We felt that it encompassed some of the color you’ll hear in our other songs.”

The song, recorded with Mitch Clem at Go West Recording Studio, is a laconic yet audacious introduction into Colpa Mia’s sound that swirls around experimentation and emotion in dynamic fashion. It begins with a pulsating bass groove interwoven with a chirping guitar melody, a spectral effect rendered through the use of a Line 6 DL4 pedal and some tempo modulation. Vocals float along the beat in ethereal fashion before the song descends into a harmonic promenade.

On the song’s meaning, Phelan stated that Colpa Mia’s music is open to interpretation so listeners can relate in their own way, but did pull back the curtain a little by explaining how it is “about deciding what kind of person you want to be, and being aware of yourself in the moment so you know how your actions, or inactions, may affect others.”

The song came about through the collaborative energy of the group and reflects the band’s more streamlined way of writing. “We really like for our songs to be short and sweet,” Phelan detailed. “We would rather leave someone wanting more than have someone skip through an entire song just to get to their favorite part. If you can say all you need to say in a short amount of time and it feels right, then there’s no reason to extend it.”

You can catch Colpa Mia performing this Friday at Gallery5 alongside Hill Walkers, Fullscreen, and Nervous Nothings, but until then, get an exclusive first listen to “Atlas” below.


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