Rikki Rakki Soothe Their “Souls” In New Hourglass Session

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The folks at Hourglass Sessions have showcased several powerhouse performances over the years now, from Tyler Meacham and Catie Lausten to Dumb Waiter and No BS! But there’s just something about their latest video showcasing the illuminating song “Souls” by hazy rock quartet Rikki Rakki that comes across different, almost bigger than their previous videos.

Perhaps it’s the soothing and reflective message that comes right as the new year kicks off. Or maybe it’s the warm, bucolic setting that beckons us out of any cold weather retreat we’ve begun. It could even be the infectious joy the band performs with that carries on the merriment that was discarded too soon after the holiday season. Whatever it is, this new music video is something everyone should immediately watch and then share around to everyone they know.

Bold yet jaunty, “Souls” is a steadfast meditation on personal growth and interpersonal bonds. “Now be good, we’ve been told / Gotta think about our souls” Erika Blatnik croons as the band locks-step behind her swaying direction. With swoons of self-love and appreciation, it can be easy to be wrapped up in feel-good euphoria from the music, but it’s something Rikki Rakki defiantly expands upon with a lively verse enforced by a spunky tambourine. It’s a clever twist that shows any sense of calmness is ultimately fleeting unless you continue to work on yourself.

Originally released in August 2022 as part of a two-song live release entitled Commonwealth Of Notions Live Session, “Souls” is a poised step forward for the band after their fantastic May 2022 release Quarantine Sessions (which we reviewed this past fall). Here, the band escapes the mania surrounding quarantine life, moving forward with a gorgeous sound that combines all the memorable aspects of their past work. And as much as the song stands on its own, it really is the cinematic touch from the Hourglass folks that helps this song truly resonate, with Rikki Rakki providing musical therapy between idyllic trees and in front of a serene body of water.

Check out the video for “Souls” below and make sure to follow Rikki Rakki on social media for news and updates (link here). Also make sure to subscribe to “Hourglass Sessions” on YouTube if you haven’t already!


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