Stream It Now – The Richmond Sound: 2018-2023

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In September, The Auricular unveiled its first-ever compilation, The Richmond Sound: 2018-2023, a 150-song overview of the Richmond music scene released on special cassette tape USB. This limited edition release was put together as part of The Auricular‘s fifth anniversary and given out for free to people who attended the celebration’s concerts at Richmond Music Hall and Rare Olde Times Public House. Today, The Auricular is proud to make this special compilation available online with streaming playlists available on both Spotify and YouTube, which you can view below or subscribe to by clicking here.

Due to the compilation releasing some unreleased songs and certain tracks being unavailable on some streaming platforms, both mixes on Spotify and YouTube are incomplete, just shy of the 150-song mark. As of right now, the only way to hear and enjoy the full compilation is by obtaining a copy of the limited edition cassette tape USB that was released in September. Since its release, there have been four public giveaways by The Auricular since the initial release, with more planned in the future by other organizations and platforms in town. The Auricular will bring awareness to these giveaways sponsored by others in the future so please keep a close eye on our social media to make sure you don’t miss a chance to grab this special release.

The Richmond Sound covers the extent of Richmond music with songs from local musicians of all types: hip-hop, punk, country, R&B, rock, pop, funk, metal, soul, blues, electronica, grindcore, emo, garage, ambient, experimental, alternative, screamo, house, shoegaze, vaporwave, drone, hardcore, and more. It is broken out into 25-song segments for each year from 2018 to 2023 in order to represent the corresponding years that The Auricular has covered thus far. Below the Spotify and YouTube streaming playlists is a full list of every artist included on The Richmond Sound.


The Richmond Sound includes music by Abby Huston, Alfred., Always Other, Andrew Rohlk, Angelica Garcia, Anna Leonard, Ant The Symbol, Apostles Of Eris, Armagideon Time, Asylum 213, Bakari Kennedy, Benet, Benjamin Shepherd, Bien, Big B, Big Fundamental, Big Sty, Black Liquid, Blush Face, Book Of Wyrms, Broken Glowsticks, Cadillac CAT, Calvin Presents, Carbon Leaf, Caro, Cassidy Snider, Catie Lausten, Chance Fischer, Chris Mattison, Chroma Forma, Cole Hicks, Colin Phils, cybercrashers, Dead Billionaires, Deau Eyes, Deore, Destructo Disk, Digital Hell x Ducttape Jesus, Downhaul, Drook, Dumb Waiter, Dyfferant, Eliturite, (Eli)zabeth Owens, Emily Horton, Erin & The Wildfire, Errol Bateman, Ethel Scout, The Fan, Fight Cloud, Flight Club, FLKL, FM Skyline, Followship, Frames, Gary Luong, .gif from god, Glossing, Gnawing, Gumming, Haircut, Henny LO x ohbliv, Holy River, Hotspit, Illa Styles, Indira & Guppy Jo, Jewell Booker, Johnny Ciggs, Junnie Mac, Justin Golden, Kailey Conner, Keep, Kenneka Cook, Kristeva, Landon Elliott, LIL STIXXX, Lobby Boy, Loud Night, Mackenzie Roark, Madison Turner, Magnus Lush, Margox, McKinley Dixon, Michael Millions, Midlife Pilot, missangelbird, The Mitras, Ms. Jaylin Brown, Museum District, No BS!, No Moniker, Noah-O x Big No, Opin, Ostraca, P.T., Paint On It, Peter $un, Piranha Rama, PJ Sykes, Prabir Trio, Qing Richy, R.O.T.W.L.C.F.T.S.C.B.M.H., Radio B, Rah Scrilla, Railgun, Rebekah Rafferty & The Wakes, Reppa Ton, Rikki Rakki, Rine, Ro$$etti, Rough Age, Ryan Irby, Saw Black, Sea Of Storms, Shadow Age, Silhouettes Vs. The Sun, Sincerely, Iris, Skinny V, Skinnyy Hendrixx, Spacebomb House Band, Spooky Cool, Starr Nyce, Strawberry Moon, Steelboy, Sun V Set, Switchsystems, Talk Me Off, Ten Pound Snail, Tennishu, Terror Cell, Tiara & Andrew, Timothy Bailey, Trapcry, Trey Burnart Hall, TVLPA, Twin Drugs, Ty Sorrell, Tyler Meacham, Unmaker, VonnBoyd, VV, Warrington, White Beast, Whitney & The Saying Goes, WKNDR, Wrong Worshippers, Young Flexico, Young Scum, 3:33, & 3wayslim


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