What Is The Auricular?

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Welcome to The Auricular, a brand new publication focusing exclusively on the Richmond, VA music scene.

Diverse and superb, Richmond’s musical legacy is well-known in musical history, from a century ago with pianist John Powell and songwriter Jimmy Cox, to a generation ago with the shock thrashers GWAR, hardcore iconoclasts Honor Role, soul virtuoso D’Angelo, and punk titans Avail, all the way up to the modern age with troubadour Jason Mraz, the bombastic No BS! Brass Band, indie sensation Lucy Dacus, and metal powerhouse Lamb Of God. Even right now, there are some reading that last sentence scratching their heads over why X band or Y singer wasn’t included, a true testament to breadth of talent available within this vibrant city.

The Auricular will be providing regular articles and reports that highlight what’s going on in the music scene in Richmond. One day, you might find an article chatting with a nationally touring act before a show at The Broadberry, the next day you’ll find an album review from the next breakout hip-hop artist coming out of the area, and the day after that might be a profile of a brand new music shop or recording studio.

One of our core features will be an ever-growing list of music releases from right here in Richmond, which you can view by clicking here. I invite you all to check it out and see the vast, vast range of music available in Richmond right now. Give a few records a chance too, and make sure to check back in with it daily, weekly, or even monthly. Whatever fits your schedule. Just don’t be surprised when the list has grown exponentially since the last time you checked it out.

The Auricular is designed to be a great resource for anyone already well-versed in the local music scene, or for those wanting to jump right in. In that sense too, we’re not perfect and we’re going to miss things from time to time. Helps us be better though and drop us an e-mail or social media message through our contact page. No matter what’s going on in Richmond, we want to know about it and more importantly, we want to tell everyone who’ll listen about it.


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