Exit Lobo Marino, Enter Holy River

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A new decade, a new band name. Such is the case for the beloved duo Laney Sullivan and Jameson Price, who spent the 2010s entrancing and electrifying local fans under the name Lobo Marino. Moving forward, the experimental folk duo will perform under the name Holy River, a name taken from their 2014 single off the album City Of Light.

As explained by the band on social media, the name change “marks a personal right of passage with our art and the 2020 portals feels like the perfect time to jump.” In the same post, the group also confirmed that the band will still continue to play songs released under the Lobo Marino name, which is welcome news to fans of records like We Hear The Ocean and The Mulberry House.

To mark this occasion, the band released a remix of their namesake, a gorgeous and spatial reimagination of “Holy River” entitled “River Holy” that breathes new life into a discography already teeming with creative wonder. The remix, along with a remastered version of the original, is available to purchase as a 7″ (in black & white and mixed marble versions) via the group’s Bandcamp page.

In addition to the song remix, the band also re-edited the original music video that was released back in 2015. Edited by Price, the video takes Todd Raviotta’s original cut and splices it to seamlessly fit the nebulous tone of the track, as opposed to the verdant original.

For more information on Holy River, make sure to keep tuned to their social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as well as their Bandcamp. In the meantime, enjoy the new video for “River Holy” below.


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