Richmond Music Roundup: January 6 – January 12

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Been A While by B-Maestro (Link)
Released January 10th

Crisp and curt hip-hop beat tape full of judicious grooves and creative melodies.

Key Track: “Been A While”







Big Fly 3 by Big Kahuna OG & Fly Anakin (Link)
Released January 12th

Five-song collab between the local rap heavyweights offering reserved brilliance through relaxed command.

Key Track: “Tatted On Her”







Demo by Empty Eyes (Link)
Released January 11th

A cacophony of hardcore instruments mosh in unison as a scathing voice pierces through with an imperious tone.

Key Track: “Dysphoria/Worthless”







Dropping Spree by IsItQuan (Link)
Released January 11th

A fiery collection of rap singles from a flurrying MC capable of some forcible rhymes and penetrating melodies.

Key Track: “Stick With It”







Gift Horse by Debrider (Link)
Released January 12th

Exquisite dream pop that shimmers with idealistic hope and symphonizes with sapient cognizance.

Key Track: “Lover’s Lullaby”







I Could Live Here, I Could Die Here by Fanfare (Link)
Released January 11th

Refreshing and charged emo alternative that resonates strongly across the spectrum, perfect for both radio airplay as well as underground mixes.

Key Track: “Car Guy Meets Horse Girl”







integrated_antibody_protocol by M4DF4C3 (Link)
Released January 9th

Electronic manipulations constructed into a wide-reaching noise composition that warps as much as it taunts.

Key Track: “local_area_artery”







Loading The Gun by DEVIANT (Link)
Released January 8th

Gnawing hardcore punk that contains plenty of melodic surprises sprinkled through the chaos and noise.

Key Track: “No Purpose”







Meet People And Learn by Ethanol (Link)
Released January 11th

Bedroom musings from a limber musician adept in bossa nova themes, vaporwave flirtations, and lo-fi jaunts.

Key Track: “Out My Face”







Multiplicity by RAIC (Link)
Released January 11th

Transmutative compositions from a prolific musical collective that always finds true north through avant-garde improvisations.

Key Track: “Leaves Continue To Fall”







Petrichor II by Petrichor (Link)
Released January 9th

Occult rock that rises above doom with polished sounds and intricate structures. (Read our full review here.)

Key Track: “Saint Francis Satyr”







Promo by Destruct (Link)
Released January 6th

Blistering thrash punk that cuts quickly with its sounds before fleeing its aural crime scene.

Key Track: “Unpunished”







Regenerate by Agnarkea (Link)
Released January 12th

Lo-fi recordings that blur the line between sound collages, psych experimentations, and hip-hop murmuring.

Key Track: “Voices”







Roquefort by Tinnitustimulus (Link)
Released January 7th

Gloom translated through noxious instrument adjustments and gleeful sound extirpations.

Key Track: “Heatmaze”







Rules To Break by Teenage Cenobite (Link)
Released January 7th

Lo-fi experimentations that speak to the core of post-punk’s melancholy, as well as embodying the creativity of pioneer sampling.

Key Track: “Bronze”







Şᵖē¢ᵗค¢ˡē by INFJ (Link)
Released January 9th

Impish electronica from a skilled musician offering up joyful energy and ingenious vision.

Key Track: “Aɴᴛɪᴄɪᴘᴀᴛɪᴏɴ”







The Burden Of My Mind by M4DF4C3 (Link)
Released January 12th

Jarring sonic chaos achieved through peculiar vocal exercises and surreal sampling.

Key Track: “Eric Nga”







Vista by VonnBoyd (Link)
Released January 6th

Two song electronic ambience journey that swings from bracing motivation to stimulating introspection.

Key Track: “Novacane”







0241 by Abide Serene (Link)
Released January 10th

Coveted peace achieved in the form of aural harmony and ambient bliss.

Key Track: “0241”







0242 by Abide Serene (Link)
Released January 12th

A purifying collection of creative melodies connected together through spiritual concord.

Key Track: “0242”







1147 Pt. 2 by Astral Trap (Link)
Released January 9th

A vibrant and dynamic release that stands tall within the deep discography of hip-hop group Haunted Trxp.

Key Track: “Kush Castle (Round 2)”







2018 Demo by CBBJ (Link)
Released January 9th

Rugged hard rock with a slight blues-tinge and susceptible appeal.

Key Track: “The Point Of It All”







2019 by Torment (Link)
Released January 10th

Throbbing thrash punk furiously instigated by compelling and turbulent vocals.

Key Track: “Pulse”









“Back End” by DoubleM (Link)
Released January 3rd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

An assurgent melody contrasts the lower message of this striking track.







“Choke N Smoke” by 804Beats (Link)
Released January 11th

An intriguing instrumental drives this caroming rap single.







“Cum Again” by Hundred Grand (Link)
Released January 10th

A crisp surge of R&B ambience and hip-hop bluster.







“Evil” by Hundred Grand (Link)
Released January 10th

Dowdy tones infuse vibrant track that soothes with its rap affirmation.







“Fame Do” by RayRay804 (Link)
Released January 8th

A rubbery track housed within a hip-hop rhythm and polished with a concealed, raging flow.







“First Place” by Melo Method (Link)
Released January 9th

Elusively themed rap track brightened by its shimmering instrumental.







“Get With You” by Weekend Plans (Link)
Released January 1st (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Expressive funk with jazzy flourishes, soulful vocals, and plenty of surprising shifts.







“Grind For It” by Action (Link)
Released January 7th

Bright chimes ring heavy-handed through this resolute rap track.







“Ice It Up (Instrumental)” by Mr. HitWonders (Link)
Released January 11th

A banger instrumental that carries a good deal of mystery and intrigue.







“In The City (Rich Town) (feat. Donte Dynamite)” by B.O.G. (Link)
Released January 9th

Hometown pride gloriously constructed through warm hip-hop theatrics.







“Jill Scott ($10 Tip)” by El Khan (Link)
Released January 10th

A velvety rap track with adroit production that enhances the subtle tribute to the Philadelphia R&B dignitary.







“Lights On” by Action (Link)
Released January 7th

Confrontational words agitate the hesitant instrumental on this tense track.







“Livin Lavish” by 804Beats (Link)
Released January 11th

Pensive hip-hop confessions over a glimmery, absorbing instrumental.







“Move On” by Varus804 (Link)
Released January 10th

Rap trilling over a soulful melody and circulating beat.







“N.F.L. (feat. Raheem DeVaughn, Wes Felton, & Vandell Andrew)” by Bee Boisseau (Link)
Released January 11th

A striking and vibrant single shrewdly connecting the dark connection between sports commodities and minority reality.







“Nobody” by Graham Stone (Link)
Released January 11th

Country swagger gleefully deconstructed and contorted for societal evaluation. (Read our full review here.)







“Pacific Trash Patch” by Robot House (Link)
Released January 7th

Ardent vocal plea shrewdly layered overtop playful indie instrumentation.







“Pierre Bourne x Playboi Carti Type Beat – Dat Girl ” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 3rd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

A bustling hip-hop instrumental with an echoey swirl and stomping rhythm.







“Pink Cloud” by President Sam (Link)
Released January 8th

Scopic rock supported by a robust groove and errant tones. (Read our full review here.)







“Problems” by Jay R (Link)
Released January 12th

Serpentine beats and delicate harmonies help soften this pronged and lavish rap track.







“Processing” by Meat Plant (Link)
Released January 12th

Pulsating industrial track that crawls and stalks through the looming landscape.







“Q Da Fool For Real Instrumental Remake In B Minor” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 8th

Minorly toned remix of Q Da Fool’s late 2018 single.







“Rap Beat Instrumental – She A Boss” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 9th

A delicate melody waltzes through this stomping hip-hop beat.







“Resurrection (feat. Classic)” by Hundred Grand (Link)
Released January 9th

Strutting hip-hop introduced by crass mundanity and closed by brusque assurance.







“Riders” by Subarashī (Link)
Released January 4th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Sludgy and loitering remix of The Door’s iconic 1971 song.







“RnB Type Beat Instrumental – Liked Your Girl Photos” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 5th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Sultry R&B instrumental built on effusive dripping and rhythmic chirping.







“Rollin” by Kyle Taylor (Link)
Released January 7th

Lurching hip-hop declaration from a elastic and potent MC.







“Running Records” by David David (Link)
Released January 6th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

A compelling drone built on a spliced and looped sample that feels spiritual and meditative.







“Sick Mode Remix (feat. Rezo Gaup)” by Yung Bomba (Link)
Released January 12th

A reverberating reimagination of Travis Scott’s electric 2018 single.







“Siren” by David David (Link)
Released January 4th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

A flashy hip-hop instrumental built on a terse, soulful sample and a groovy shuffle.







“Solo Dolo” by Nik0 (Link)
Released January 10th

A trap invocation relaying grinding themes through a grounded flow.







“Soulja Boy Off White Type Beat” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 8th

Theatrically active hip-hop instrumental empowered by the recoiling beat.







“Stayed Down (Tryn To Get Some Money)” by Action (Link)
Released January 7th

Reverberating vocal aggression softened by trilling vocals and impressive production.







“Stuck In The Jungle (feat. Classic)” by Hundred Grand (Link)
Released January 9th

A tug of war between the grounded, simple bars and towering, thumping instrumental.







“Take It” by JaySyke (Link)
Released January 7th

A calming yet dissociative rap track over a portentous instrumental.







“Take No L” by RayRay804 (Link)
Released January 6th

A fluttering rap track built on its distortion, from the contorted piano tones to the harsh, masked flow.







“The Goat” by DoubleM (Link)
Released January 11th

Lo-fi hi-hop with a grimy, chatoyant melody and galling flow.







“Think About” by Action (Link)
Released January 7th

A snapping windfall of hip-hop assurance and compelling rhythm.







“This Year (feat. AyeItStu32)” by Dlo (Link)
Released January 11th

A laidback guitar sets the stage for this fluid, measured rap track.







“Thousand” by 808Frank (Link)
Released January 6th

Bustling rap track accentuated by a thermionic tone that imbues the crafty beat & flow.







“Tmane1300 X 804 (Original)” by 1300TMANE (Link)
Released January 8th

Snapping and bouncy rap track with swaying vocals and fervent tone.







“Trap Shit Doe” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 12th

A trap ingress heralded by a robust pageantry of sounds and rhythms.







“Trap Type Beat Instrumental – Big Dawg” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 2nd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

A menacing chime introduces this grimey and rabid trap beat.







“Trap Type Beat Instrumental – Damn” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 7th

Gothic hip-hop instrumental possessing a shadowy resonance.







“Trust Him More” by Julio Taylor (Link)
Released January 9th

Gentle reimaging of Louisa M. R. Stead’s classic Methodist hymn.







“Unfamiliar” by Wellz (Link)
Released January 12th

Spirited rap punches that leap off the buoyant and riveting beat.







“Vengeance” by (Link)
Released January 10th

Impressive talent from a scampering MC over a scuttling beat. Also a brief feature from Gangsta Spongebob.







“Vintage Fashion” by artonthewall (Link)
Released January 8th

Corroding frenzy camouflaging as a rap flow highlights this pouncing track.







“We Here” by DoubleM (Link)
Released January 11th

A masked brass march rises out of this fuzzy, popping rap track.







“We Up” by Action (Link)
Released January 7th

A recoiling melody helps this sinuous flow really flex and pop.







“What I See (Instrumental)” by Mr. HitWonders (Link)
Released January 12th

A dazzling hip-hop instrumental inflated by a lofty melody and anchored by a sturdy beat.







“What The Fuck It Is” by RayRay804 (Link)
Released January 12th

Eye-opening phrasing and rhymes puncture this pensive instrumental that’s introduced by the iconic voice of Prison Mike.







“While We’re Young (ft. Güero)” by Jake Price (Link)
Released January 6th

Wavy, gauzy hip-hop track that unravels smoothly over a polished beat and instrumental.







“Winter Is Coming” by James, The Younger (Link)
Released January 11th

Radiating rap track fit for a late-night groove through starry nights.







“Work (feat. RRELL)” by Slim Kartel (Link)
Released January 7th

Barbed trap musings over leaping rhythm and rooted beats.







“2 Da Grave” by Action (Link)
Released January 7th

An ominous swirl of stomping bars and smooth production.







“4Eva Heartless Challenge” by Slim Kartel (Link)
Released January 8th

Expeditious offering for the recent rap challenge from a rapid-fie MC.







“8 Ball Freestyle (feat. UpNSmoke)” by Vertigon (Link)
Released January 7th

Springy freestyle built on direction and inspection, and led by a classic, instructional tone.







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