Richmond Music Roundup: May 14 – May 20

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Each week, The Auricular seeks to document every album & single coming out of Richmond, creating a reference point for anyone wanting to catch-up on the eclectic & intriguing music coming out of the city.

While we strive to create a complete picture of all Richmond music, we know that some things will unfortunately fall through the cracks. If anything is missing from the list below, please let us know by e-mailing contact@theauricular, and we will make sure to add it to the next weekly roundup.

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Here is all of the music released out of Richmond from May 14th through May 20th.




Albatross by Sap Evans (Link)
Released May 16th

A vibrant hip-hop mixtape that continuously flows as a unified entity, showcasing diverse beats, skilled lyricism, and infectious energy.

Key Track: “Summerland”







Apogee by Ryan Irby (Link)
Released May 20th

A striking array of rootsy folk and ambient pop that shifts its sharp resonance with each rewarding listen.

Key Track: “Prism Cell”







Attenuator by The Last Days Of Disco (Link)
Released May 20th

Asperous noise manipulation spread across seven chaotic tracks and one turbulent movement.

Key Track: “Lens Adaptor”







Buying Time by Luh Kiddo (Link)
Released May 19th

Brash four song EP from a flourishing MC trading booming beats for bold bars in order to let his message hit clear and direct.

Key Track: “The Real Me”







Cyberia by Lexi Dash (Link)
Released May 20th

A captivating two-song hip-hop EP, featuring soothing tones, emotive vocals, and a profound impact on the listener.

Key Track: “Leave Again”







The Death Of Taurus by switchsystems (Link)
Released May 20th

A sweeping electronic album that shrewdly utilizes the backdrop of a decaying astrological phase to dissect the unfulfillment that sentience provides to all living things.

Key Track: “Her Final Dream As A Bull”







Demo by Hominid (Link)
Released May 19th

Granular hardcore that blows out the recording receivers with four concise punk assaults.

Key Track: “Choice”







FLTSATCOM​-​4 by norfolksouthern (Link)
Released May 20th

A straightforward, yet gripping drum’n’bass EP released by the usually experimental and notable label Lustmurder Records.

Key Track: “Weak Point”







In That Mode by yrdmarque (Link)
Released May 16th

Commanding bass lines and chiming piano refrains construct an austere soundscape for the tenacious rhymes to wander on this stringent trap record.

Key Track: “Missing Screws”







Jordan & Pippen by DEBEA$$I x Nittz (Link)
Released May 19th

Two forceful MC’s look to an iconic basketball duo to draw a blueprint of melodic hip-hop triumph.

Key Track: “Money In The Vault”







Lost Tapes, Vol. 1 by Lex Cartier (Link)
Released May 19th

Padded hip-hop record that collects demos and outtakes from a prolific two year period of an industrious MC.

Key Track: “Prima Donna”







NewWorldOrder by Mekcheese x TH3 (Link)
Released May 19th

Enigmatic song titles point to the esoteric tones surging beneath two tenebrous MC’s espousing a global shift.

Key Track: “OGE/2EZ”







Percs 4 Morons by Quagen!* x jefę (Link)
Released May 16th

A dual mixtape that features solo excursions from two tenacious MCs as well as punchy duets that help display their punchy talent.

Key Track: “Geeked Off Meds”







Seasoning by Too Early, Too Late (Link)
Released May 20th

Expansive ambient record that highlights the harsh dissonance of existence as well as its innate harmonic bliss.

Key Track: “Every Evening”







Skeleton Sparks by Baseball Players (Link)
Released May 15th

Ten industrial exercises (and a prelude) that showcase curt vocal distortions and wry dissonant machinations.

Key Track: “Seven”







Skinny Vercitti, Vol. 1 by Skinny V (Link)
Released May 12th

An invigorating five-track hip-hop album that seamlessly merges timeless drive with a contemporary sound.

Key Track: “Late Last Night”







Sloof by 804E (Link)
Released May 19th

Two song EP from a sharp hip-hop producer exploring flighty and amorphous compositions.

Key Track: “Hotdog H2O Flow”







Sloof Too by 804E (Link)
Released May 19th

A cerebral two-song EP that utilizes Western Hemisphere regions as ambitious vantage points.

Key Track: “Australia”







SolarWorld by STEELODEMON (Link)
Released May 19th

Hard-hitting trap record that punches with rhythmic force as much as it does with lyrical clout.

Key Track: “7am”







Trajectory by Alpha Clinton (Link)
Released May 17th

Exhilarating rock record that darts between shoegaze, grunge, and emo for a sensational listening experience across only three songs.

Key Track: “Bugbox”







Where The Willows Touch The Waters by James River Lanterns (Link)
Released May 20th

Golden Americana tones blend together to make a rejuvenating collection of stirring folk tracks.

Key Track: “Camphor Light”







The Witching Hour II by blvcklvng (Link)
Released May 19th

The allure and enchantment of classic horror soundtracks is explored within this gripping instrumental record full of menacing electronic ingenuity.

Key Track: “Beneath The Crypt”







X-intrik by ADSURB (Link)
Released May 20th

Classic punk sensibility drives a mélange of hip-hop sampling and jazzy fills on this striking experimental record.

Key Track: “Oxidation”







Yo Plug Favorite Rapper by WTO Sco (Link)
Released May 20th

Nine-track trap record pulsating with heavy basslines, infectious beats, and persistent lyrics that steers each bumping joint.

Key Track: “Real Motion”







804 by Sharquanzela (Link)
Released May 17th

Knotted hip-hop that builds a swirling gust of quirky tones across four mercurial tracks.

Key Track: “Too Faded”









“Ahhhhhh Snap” by QUAN + $ENSE! (Link)
Released May 14th

A melodic ebb and flow of synth notes give color to this crackling soundscape that’s outlined by rhythmic clicking and snapping.







“All My N***** On Go” by QUAN + $ENSE! (Link)
Released May 14th

The abrupt recoil of a gunshot reverberates a wobbly wave throughout this ducking instrumental.







“atschoo” by sleezer7 x yungek (Link)
Released May 15th

Murmuring vocals stroll around a bustling instrumental on this scurrying rap track.







“Back Seat” by JaySoo (Link)
Released May 19th

The follies of taking an auxiliary, supporting role are dissected within this tense, agitated hip-hop track.







“Bev” by Raie Lenicx (Link)
Released May 17th

Husky vocals and a gruff tone haunt this trailing rap track with obsessive urgency.







“Bitch I’m Saucin” by QUAN + $ENSE! (Link)
Released May 14th

Digital notes chime up and down the octave on this swaying rap beat.







“Blasphemous” by Flip Grimace x Chance Fisher (Link)
Released May 15th

Arresting hip-hop joint that roams around a bustling piano line with gnarly vocal inflection.







“Brok3 BoŸ” by GRIMace (Link)
Released May 20th

Tense tone pace the stalking rhythm on this overcast trap track with cautionary vocals.







“Cartoons” by M.Y.L.O. (Link)
Released May 14th

A dusky soundscape is brightened with burnished brass notes and a sparkling vocal melody that warbles along like a dulcet will-o-the-wisp.







“Circles (Remix)” by Arkiteture (Link)
Released May 18th

Post Malone’s 2019 monumental hit is given a tempered remix that allows the vocals to fully circumvent the revolving melody.







“Counting Sheep” by Crucializer (Link)
Released May 15th

Fizzing EDM track that discharges a seething blast of bustling electronica alongside a simmering vocal sample.







“Die Young” by Spenzfrmda4 (Link)
Released May 16th

Relentless bars flow out of an insistent MC as booming bass notes punctuate clinking cymbal taps and clacking snare hits.







“EOS Pt. 2” by Snappsboi 2x (Link)
Released May 18th

Stout vocals open and close this purposeful hip-hop track with a relentless drive.







“F R I E N D S” by EXMANE! (Link)
Released May 17th

The classic dilemma of friendship or romance is addressed head-on in this twinkling rap track.







“Fight For Love” by Mad Monty (Link)
Released May 19th

Defensive hesitancy and longing desire duke it out on this reverberating rap plea.







“Fix Myself (feat. nate2timez & juli)” by po9t (Link)
Released May 19th

A sentimental and introspective rap track that expresses vulnerability, longing, and the desire for healing amidst personal struggles.







“Get The Bag, Live Long” by Arkiteture (Link)
Released May 17th

Gucci Mane’s 2017 joint with Migos is given a stripped down, primal remix that enhances the punch of their iconic triplet delivery.







“GoOd Night” by Nettspend (Link)
Released May 16th

Darting hip-hop track with agonizing emotion adding to the bustling layers.







“Goofy Ass Beat” by QUAN + $ENSE! (Link)
Released May 14th

Hollow auxiliary percussion instruments give this sputtering hip-hop beat a cavernous mystique.







“Hippie City” by Wyld Tha Bard (Link)
Released May 19th

A shifty rap track that thematically looks at the free love movement while delivering forceful bars and booming tones.







“I’m Loving This Tune” by QUAN + $ENSE! (Link)
Released May 14th

Throbbing bass notes fill the space between ricocheting shots and an arpeggiated melody.







“Jesus Piece (Primal Mix)” by Wyld Tha Bard (Link)
Released May 19th

A southern hip-hop swing gives this prowling rap track a timeless charm.







“Kingdome” by Django Starr (Link)
Released May 19th

Swirling vocal harmonies revolve around a frenzied sax melody underneath a propulsive vocal flow from spirited MC.







“Kiss Mi Rass” by S A W (Link)
Released May 14th

Murmuring agreement punctuates the Riddim-stylized bars on this bouncing dancehall track.







“Last Time We Felt” by icarus444 (Link)
Released May 17th

Yearning digital intonation adds emotional electricity to this buzzing trap track.







“LeanoA” by 4fun (Link)
Released May 19th

Bright chiming flashes cap the brimming phrases on this buzzing hip-hop murmur.







“lemonpoundtown.” by Uncle Kizzy (Link)
Released May 18th

Bumping remix of Sexyy Red’s 2023 single that transforms the trap groove into a club banger.







“Loading . . .” by QUAN + $ENSE! (Link)
Released May 14th

A clamoring vocal loop gives this whirring hip-hop instrumental a wry marching rhythm.







“Look At Me” by Qing Richy (Link)
Released May 5th

The direct and crafty vocal bars will impress and excite on this visceral hip-hop track with a rousing beat.







“The Lot” by Isolera (Link)
Released May 4th

Portentous ambient track with a wispy melodic specter drifting through the stark soundscape.







“N****** Cry 2” by QUAN + $ENSE! (Link)
Released May 14th

Shuffling hip-hop instrumental built on a clap-like percussive rhythm and a sprawling electronic melody.







“Nail Tech (Remix)” by Arkiteture (Link)
Released May 18th

Jack Harlow’s 2022 single is shrunk down into a pensive showcase of vocal musing.







“On An Indigo Hill” by Frankie Is A Cyborg (Link)
Released May 14th

Dreamy lo-fi single that relays personal observations over a wistful melody and swaying rhythm.







“A Part Of The Universe Inside My Head” by Arkiteture (Link)
Released May 18th

Trudging trap instrumental with a leaning rhythm that expands on the spacious feel of the nebulous soundscape.







“Permeance” by GARÇON (Link)
Released May 16th

Fluttering electronic instrumental with a shaky beat and wispy textures that create a coercive groove.







“Pocketcoup (feat. 6IXXUNDER)” by ICH (Link)
Released May 15th

Passionate warbling spirals around a descending trap beat in this sincere yet turbulent track.







“Proudly (feat. TheRealDnice)” by KingShaudPickett (Link)
Released May 16th

Terse string notes construct an ominous march on this rap track that finds confidence within discouragement.







“Real Rich (feat. Luh Kiddo)” by WTO Sco (Link)
Released May 17th

Two passionate MCs drive this relentless hip-hop offering with their hustle and ambition.







“Shai-Hulud” by The Saturn Death Cult (Link)
Released May 5th

Sludgy doom metal that zeroes in on buzzing guitar notes and rabid rhythms while vocals croon and roar from the hazy backdrop.







“Shirt T00k” by LIL STIXXX, VF Shaolin, & Melathono (Link)
Released May 19th

Opulent tones create a glossy backdrop that lets each MC flow shine and pop on this sleek rap joint.







“Something Different” by FGM Nico (Link)
Released May 20th

A flighty spectral melody wisps around focused bars on this bumping rap joint.







“Spider Do Less (Live)” by TIRE x SILVER (Link)
Released May 18th

Live recording of an experimental guitar duet exploring the tonal space of their amplification.







“This Is Your Life (feat. Sam Reed)” by Ant The Symbol (Link)
Released May 19th

The renowned hip-hop producer confidently strides out of his comfort zone with this urgent track capturing the insight of R&B and drive of rock and roll, all conveyed through a enthusiastic and brilliant songbird.







“Traffic” by virginiareaper (Link)
Released May 20th

Pensive hip-hop thoughts that mutter around the static glows of stoplights and brakes.







“Trippin'” by 9milxn (Link)
Released May 19th

Aslant vocal warbling sprawls along a trembling beat on this clacking rap joint.







“The Truth” by LOL.GUAP (Link)
Released May 17th

Poignant trap joint that confronts brutal realities with deliberate yet melodic vocals.







“Untitled” by QUAN + $ENSE! (Link)
Released May 14th

Tense hip-hop instrumental that patiently patrols an enigmatic soundscape with familiar cadence.







“The Walk” by Raie Lenicx (Link)
Released May 14th

A soaring alt-rock sample gives this rattling hip-hop track a bright drive to contrast its cloudy tone.







“When Mi Feel Likee” by S A W (Link)
Released May 15th

Groovy ragga with singjaying vocals that fill the brassy space of the sprightly track.







“Who’s 2 Say?” by Seriyouse (Link)
Released May 13th

The capricious MC confronts the letdown of a romantic ideal on this fluttering hip-hop track.







“Your Body” by Mad Monty (Link)
Released May 17th

Consuming ’80s tones make an absorbing instrumental to help relay an intimate disclosure spurred by a metaphysical plea.







“Yuh Yuh” by QUAN + $ENSE! (Link)
Released May 14th

Swinging rap beat with a bobbing rhythm that weaves through a rippling melodic haze.







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